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  • DV8
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    Great macro, guys!

    I tweaked a few things for my own use, but otherwise it works great!

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    Is it just me or is Fracture missing in the macro? Talent row in the macro says to chose it

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    anyway to make immolation aura get used a little faster I got a little downtime on this

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    Love this macro! Thank you both so much for your work on this – it really helps me enjoy playing the class and have fun in the game. Well done!

    For my own quality of life, I added Metamorphosis as a SHIFT-ALT modifier to the Key Press (above the Sigil of Chains so it’s the first mod checked). Sharing here in case that helps anyone else.

    Again, well done!

    /cast [mod:SHIFTALT] Metamorphosis

Viewing 4 posts - 81 through 84 (of 84 total)

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