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  • Mike
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    Superb stuff. I do have a question about ‘GSStaticPriority’ tho.
    I use it in a retoation and i look at the debug window.
    That says

    basically the same as with sequential, i would have expected it to be like


    Any idea?

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    Quick question. Why do some people use the symbol ” ! ” for example “/cast [combat] !Mighty Bash” Why use this “!Mighty Bash” and not just “Mighty Bash” What does it do? Regards Dave.

    I don’t think it makes a difference using “!Mighty Bash” to “Mighty Bash”. This should be used for toggleable abilities, it’s like saying “Use this when not in this form”, think about Stealth, you don’t want to leave stealth when using a macro with it. Source:

    Thank you for your help.

    Piter Vylen
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    Guys, tell me please. That the best delay spam macro button? I use razernaga

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    One addition to Mew’s initial post. If you are making a macro and do decide to post it on the forum, don’t just do so and leave it at that and say “Dis makro givz’z 300k DPS lol0rc0p73r.”

    If it gives YOU 300k dps it may not work the same for others, give them an idea of what your secondary stats look like and also share how fast you’re clicking to get that.

    It will save headaches and lots of questions being asked. Also may stop the generic “Doesn’t work” posts.

    Mark Zubkavich
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    I’ve skimmed through this great post and I haven’t found an answer to my question. If it’s elsewhere on the site, I’ve missed it there too.
    What is Inner Loop Start, Inner Loop End, and Inner loop Limit. Where would I use them, and how would I fit it into a macro?

    Edit: found my answer.

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    I made a beginners guide video, advance guide in production 😉 YouTube LINK

    Find me on YouTube ????
    Lazy GSE2 Basics Guide -
    Lazy GSE2 Intermediate Guide -

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    I wanted an explanation, I play with mouse razer chrome with synapse program, and I see many macros where they write ms ms 100-150.140 etc. etc, what does it mean exactly, increases macro dps, or does it have a motivation?

    Deano W
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    Ok.. no problem with the import of macros from the /gs ingame sequence viewer.. but for the life of me i dont understand how i import macros that are not formated in the sequence viewer but in various class forums..and get them into my /macro box like they show up in it when i do import the ones on the sequence viewer.. I have searched the forums endlessly to find a clue but cant.. can someone please send me a reference as to how to where i can find the info to do sorry for being so confused about this but i have tried for a week now and no luck. when i copy and paste its not getting to the main list with a ? for me to click and drag to my hot bar in game. the ones that are on the main list i have no problem with completing but the ones im trying to import to the main list are not. Thank you all. cheers

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    Hello I wanted to know the precise information about the language used for the macros.
    The symbols used and their meaning
    For example if I use the symbol! What does it mean in front of the macro? And how can I do to make a macro the spell at u definite moment of time? Do not hunt the hunter beast mastery
    . Using cobra shooting at least 80% focus as I can set it in mcr?
    You could give me a explanation deilla symbology thanks

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    Why are you fellas not putting your macros in code?

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