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    I haven’t played Wow in a while and now i see GSE was completely rewritten? I can’t get my old GSe to work and I don’t even know where to put macros or how to get started

    the old GSE had a readme inside the download, now all I can find is tutorials of what to do and what not to do when writing macros

    no simple how to even get started tutorial or where to put macros you find on this forum tutorial

    is there a convert option?

    How would I use my old macro

    in the new version?

    What prompted all that rewrite?

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    There is now an in-game editor which has some of the stepfunctions and other code as default. It also allowed you to create tabs which take effect if you were in a raid or a mythic dungeon etc without the need to re-write the macro or have multiples.

    There was also a lot of changes under the hood as well changing where the macros are kept. but it’s been more than 6 months since this all changed, pretty much by the start of Legion.

    Easiest way to convert the old ones might be to yo type /gs in game and then on the editor click New this will give you the option of naming the macro on the config page and then click on the 1 tab and paste the lines in as needed

    /targetenemy [noharm][dead]
    /petattack [@target,harm]
    /petautocastoff [group] Growl
    /petautocaston [nogroup] Growl
    /cast [target=focus, exists, nodead],[target=pet, exists, nodead] Misdirection << This would now go in the keypress

    /cast [nochanneling] !Kill Command
    /cast [nochanneling] Dire Frenzy
    /cast [nochanneling] Concussive Shot
    /cast [nochanneling] Cobra Shot
    /cast [nochanneling] !Kill Command

    The above would go in the larger box which is the body of the macro

    Click on Save, close the edit page and then click on the macro again and click Create Icon, it will then allow you to drag the macro to your action bar. There is no need to create a macro in the /m part anymore. It’s all handled by the editor.

    Just on another note it will probably all be changing again due to BfA

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    It’s actually 18months ago that the rewrite occurred and the details of that and the discussion as to what and why can be found

    The short answer to your question though is if you go in game to /gs and choose import your macro will import. You may need to make some edits afterwards to get it to work as an alternative to Cym’s instructions.

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