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    So I’m having trouble understanding what’s allowed and not allowed when using AHK/Synapse/Macros/etc. I’ve always been a lazymacro user since MoP but I have carpal tunnel really bad in my left hand/wrist and I’ve been looking into using Synapse with my keyboard. That being said – I’m looking to have Synapse repeatedly press a macro only while I hold the key down. Is this something that will ‘fly’ with Blizz? I understand 1 press = 1 action, but where does holding the key down fall generally? Appreciate any feedback you all can give.

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    This has been answered to death and very recently.
    Carpal tunnel doesn’t stop you being able to use the search function.

    Anyway, synapse/AHK/punchkey are all fine to hold down as long as it does 1 function which is to repeatedly press 1 key while its held down. That’s absolutely fine… for now. It’s up to Blizzard in the future if they wish to change their stance on that.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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