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  • CJ Lackner Jr
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    This is my first LazyMacro. Hopefully it’ll help others as it works really well for me.
    Set your /focus to the Main Tank, this will cast Rebirth, then Ironbark on revive on your Focus if Focus dies in combat. This will also cast Cenarion Ward & Ironbark on your Focus on Cooldown, or on your Mouseover if you do not have a Focus set.

    Barkskin will be cast on Cooldown if in combat and Essence of G’Hanir & Fourish both on cooldown.

    Shift Mouseover for Rejuvenation spamming.
    Ctrl Mouseover will cast Regrowth, Alt Mouseover will cast Swiftmend.

    Check to turn on Trinket 1 / 2 in options if you have a spamming Trinket to use. You’ll also need to manaage Lifebloom, Efflorescence, Wild Growth, etc… manually.

    The following is my RestoBearHeal, which I use BindPad to Mouse Button 4 for a quick emergency Bear Form, Frenzied Regeneration when needed for myself.

    I also have the following Macros setup for Lifebloom & Efflorescence. The Lifebloom one is nice, it’ll let you place Lifebloom on a Keybind 1-6 or something and if you have a Focus, which is what I recommend to set the Main Tank to in any Party / Raid situation, it’ll cast Lifebloom on that Focus. If you don’t have a Focus, it’ll cast it on your mouseover if you have one. A slight adjustment in order will allow you to put mouseover as priority. The Efflorescence Macro will simply cast Efflorescence at your cursor’s location when you use it, which I also have it set on a Keybind 1-6.

    Visit WyldeUI to check out my ElvUI based setup which is being updated now and will soon feature all the settings for any addons I use.

    First Sergeant
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    Nice, Let me test on my alt toon run in LFR ABT and I’ll let you know. :thumbup:

    CJ Lackner Jr
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    I’ve updated this to reflect some minor changes I made, which primarily was to add Shift to Rejuvenation so I wasn’t popping it constantly. It gives me a little more control on when I use what. The first iteration also was not casting Flourish for whatever reason, but it should be fine now.

    I also added my Bear Regeneration for quick emergency healing of yourself when needed (May try to improve on this some) and also my Lifebloom & Efflorescence Macros.

    Jason Falla
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    How are you finding this in M+ are you able to run high keys ?

    CJ Lackner Jr
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    I’ve not done a whole lot of healing in Mythics, but have a friend who is using this for +10 keys and says it’s wonderful. It’s basically the same as you manually doing a Resto Druid, but with the ease of simply holding Shift, Ctrl or Alt depending on what you want to do, and it automates your tank stuff a bit. Give it a try and let me know where I can improve. 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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