I decided before posting any macros, would be proper to tell a brief explanation in how or where to put the macros.
Once inside the game and character loaded you can access the macro interface by either hitting “Esc” (Escape in keyboard) and selecting Macros from the menu or just simply type “/m”.
In the Macros interface you can decide if would like to create a global macro (which you can access from any character) or a specific macro (which you can only access from that character).
Now in order to create a macro, simply select at the bottom right “New” and enter the desired name for this macro (whatever you want to call it), select an icon to identify it or just simple leave the question mark if would like to see the spell icons as the macro uses them (some macros do not show the spells due to the way are coded). After naming and decide icon, push Okay.
You will notice that on the left it will appear the name and icon selected for the macro, if you click on it the box at the bottom will be empty and this is where you input the macros I will be posting.
After copying the macros from the blog, a way to paste the macros is by either “Ctrl + V” in Windows or “Apple + V” on Mac. *Make sure it says “0/255 Characters Used”, that way we know is empty.
Once is pasted, all you do is hit “Esc” or Escape key once to get out of edit mode and drag the icon at the top to your action bar and Voila’, your macro is ready to go!
*Some macros would not work if do not have the proper enchants (like shammy weapon buffs), reforging or right talent spec. Macros have to be re-pushed in order to go through the sequence, your mileage may vary depending your play-style.
*Most of them would spam you with ability not ready yet or not enough rage, etc. There is ways to remove that but sometimes my macros use most of the characters space and could not put extra code to get rid of those annoying spam, it does not bother me cause I play with no sound. There is some addons that block those messages also like Error Filter. Or if there still enough space add these 2 lines in the beginning of the macro:

/script UIErrorsFrame:Hide()
/console Sound EnableSFX 0