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Protection Warrior YouTube Video!

Hello everybody, I’m back again with another Youtube video! This time is about protection warriors, basically it shows it in action against the dummies and mobs. You can use the lazy macro for soloing, pvp, leveling friends and more. I will be making more for other classes as soon as I can. Here is the video clip:

I hope you all like the video and it helps more people out there. Don’t forget to share it and subscribe to the YouTube channel!

About the Author:

Thanks for visiting WoW Lazy Macros, your comments and feedbacks are very helpful. You can upload all the macros to the game with the addOn! *Macros have to be translated to the language of the game client, otherwise they would not work. Check the forums for more macros!


  1. titusmarshall October 12, 2011 at 9:56 am - Reply

    i was wondering if you could share what addons you have on this video cuase i love the setup you have here

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