02/13/2023 Black ICE Frost DK iteration 6

testing out now and loving frost . I seem to be doing less obliterates than the top frosts in raid but still very competative. My dps did go up when i did remove rune strike.

Two bosses in so far in ulduar - also mostly naxx gear.

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anyone sim the best MS yet for it?

I’ll work on increasing obliterates, it will do less than manual users but that’s part of the differences you’ll see. Rune strike is a dps loss and can be removed, I just personally like having it.

I’ve been in in full nax 25 since launch with the exception of boots. Frost is keeping up with dps that’s for sure.

This macro will surely make you competitive and I’ll keep working on it to make it give manual users a run for their money

Has anyone else tested and found anything such as lower obliterates? Any missed pestilences or failure to cast abilities?

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I think my unholy macro had the set ms in it but I may have forgot to add it to the frost macro.

Currently at work.

Test gse in game ms setting with the following numbers granted this differs based on your gear and haste.



If you go over 150 I’m not sure if the delay is too much as in game Ms vs your personal Ms differ.

But in game ms with atleast be on par with what the game sees and reads vs an external source

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I’m new to GSE and am trying to get this macro to work. I import it in and dragged the icon to my Actionbar, but when I target, it will do Icy Touch, then the icon changes to Rune Strike, when I push the button again it stays on Runestrike, eventually cycling to Plague strike. What am I doing wrong?

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Make sure when you open the macro you have it on sequence number 1 if I recall for dps. There’s two macros one a ranking idea I’m playing with, and a dps sequence.

Runestrike can be removed out of the macro but it will always look like it’s trying to fire tube strike at times. Also if depending on your gear and which variant you like you can change between sequenced rotation and priority sequence rotation.

What this means is that the rotation will for sequenced try to stay in that exact order for the macro firing and priority sequence is a bit more dynamic and will fire the rotation based on your current available resource while trying to maintain the rotation specified if applicable

Anyone share some recent parses with this macro? Curious to see performance. And you guys manually doing the full opener and then activating macro? Thx.

Make sure you have my disease spread macro, I included it incase you miss a pestilence or get resisted. Also the macro auto apply disease upon targeting reset or target swap. Almost fully does everything you need.

As of naxx 25 and ulduar you’ll see my parses with the macro for both frost and unholy. Parses are typically purple with some oranges. Unholy had far more time spent making the macro but this tier for ulduar I’m focusing on frost

You mention that you could “change between sequenced rotation and priority sequence rotation.” How do you do that in gse ? Is there a specific setting that needs to be enabled or is there a configuration that needs to take place? If you could please explain “how” to “change between sequenced rotation and priority sequence rotation” it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your macro I am using it and it is working really good.

Any updates on how the new version of this macro is working since you’ve been using it for a couple weeks now?