10.2 FURY WARRIOR ST and AOE Raid and M+ (last update 1/11/24)


Can’t seem to find the cooldown option on the macro can you help?


Sorry was busy with family over the holidays
ST breakdown:

AOE Breakdown:

Thank you for that! Looks pretty good!

Really really nice macro dude ! ty for my 30% increase dps ^^

Your mighty welcome my guy! If anyone else who has been using this macro before sees this, make sure you update it and give it a shot!

Just did some testing this morning and these new versions are great! both ST and AOE macros work very well. Nice work on these. you have converted me from Arms.

Nice work again on the updated macro, rotation still looks and feels good.
For MT I used these talents.

With 4set and ilvl 462 Battle shout only. No Flasks or potions.
Old Macro
ST - Burst 220k , Sustained 155k
MT - Burst 850k , Sustained 400k

New Macro
ST - Burst 310k , Sustained 170k
MT - Burst 1.3mil , Sustained 550k


Lol that’s amazing I’m glad you like it!

Im a clicker lol, what MS do i set this on or does it matter since i click?

it absolutely matters and 100 ms. my advice, use your mouse software to do the work for you and toggle it on and off. GL and if you have any questions feel free to come back here or just message me.

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appreciate it, i have just a regular mouse with 2 side buttons to click, so i normally just click 1 to run the rotation, im just wanting to make sure i aint clicking to fast lol…

I have a question when i do the Fury AOE i cant pull down the ICON? the Icon turned into a book and wont let me pull it down after i import? this has happened to me a few times with other macros? not sure what I am doing wrong?

all you have to do is click to highlight the macro and then hit Create Icon below it

Hmm, I’m sure this is an issue on my end since the new versions work for others, but the new versions don’t fire for me at all. I’ll keep playing with it to see if I can fix it.

Could be a bunch of stuff honestly, with the recent update you could try reloading via /reload and if that doesn’t do anything try the trouble shooting tab in gse

im new with GSE, is this the correct setting for 100ms?
or GSE is 250 ms (default), 100ms to clicker?


what program are you using there? u have GSE correct tho

This pumps pretty well but could use some minor adjustments. Here’s the report from a Normal ATDH I just ran. Purple parses for ilvl for the most part, 97 on Igara. And here’s the wowanalyzer report for that igara fight.

Mostly looks like Rampage and Bloodthirst uptime would help significantly.

@Saiyan Is anybody else having issues importing the new macros? They show up as the old macros?

My hard drive crashed and i needed to reload them. These don’t look the new macros when I import them from the original post. They appear to be identical?

That sounds peculiar, I assume u have tried deleting it all completely and reloading only the new ones?
I honestly have not encountered that before, so idk what exactly is going on.