10/25/2022 Black ICE Frost DK iteration 1

ok guys im back in town starting the 19th and will begin reworking and uploading new drafts for you to test. I apologize for the delay but have big life changes on going all for the better but time consuming.

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I have a question: could you deal with this bullit, think this could become very strong with your help

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best build there: wowt and its follow its, bro

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I am officially moving and will be Mia until the second week of January. This build is the top build for the next phase and or with bis current ohase gear I believe.

I will begin changing the direction of the macro to be inline with this new build. ASAP as my unholy macros are essentially completed and can no longer currently be adapted much further due to compiling errors.

So this forum for frost will be my most touched on macro for the time being


Looking forward to it. Thanks for the effort

It’s Been a long while everyone. Starting our second week of ulduar this week with my dk, my move is completed in pc up and running! Testing new dynamics this week and will post once I have verified its functioning better than the current macro i have posted here.

Bare with me! As always if you have ideas or needs or think of something that could help improve the macro; it is greatly appreciated to post them here!

Best of regards everyone and well talk again soon!


Really appreciate it! Are you fulltime frost now with changes to unholy - “easier” potentially to dps. Problem is I don’t have 2x slow weps.

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I’ll be mailing frost and doing unholy as secondary this patch. Unholy is still doing great but I wanted to change focus this time around. I’m using some old eels I had that were slow for frost atm.

My unholy macro section is pretty solid with a few different options on play style and unholy variants.

Frost has more info on the frost desync rotation so I’ll base and update the frost macro around fonsas as much as I can figure.

Currently the frost macro performs pretty good but I think it could be done better.

From todays full clear and also not being frost optimized I think I did fairly well for non optimized gear and for being relatively low on the ilvl compared to my raid gro for frost.

I did somehow manage to get a 99 and 100 for razor scale, not sure if it’s a bug or people have been skipping her maybe.

I did notice my current frost macro is not always firing 3 obliterates after casting EOW. Definitely not as intended.

Buff up time is good but I find since I’m not sub unholy due to gear my spell hit is causing pestilence to miss a good bit forcing us to use the dot application macro I made.

However overall my current macro is still holding strong and I’ll post my updated variant this week. I believe I have the obliterate cd side figured out just about.

The one thing I have not been able to include in the macro is the best time to insert cancel blood tap. This may need to be done manually still due to the nature of a scenario based rotation. We’ll more of a reaction to scenario and said buffs rotation.

I have been thinking on not using haste pots and looking at other options.

As frost I’m also not high on loot priority so any changes or improvements as of current will purely be learning fights and rotation changes to the macro.

Upon further testing I’ll verify at what ilvl or what price of gear I acquired that let’s sub unholy become the better option.


Looking forward to it! Thank you!