[3K IO] [UPDATED 16/07/24] Dragonflight BDK 10.2.7


Upcoming version for TWW in work, so expect it to be released as TWW launches


Update 16/07
  • Updated macro with single version for M+/R


M+ Default


Raid ST








This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.69.

#My current stats are:

Feedback Section



hello your macro cannot be imported please do something to be able to test it

Thx! It’s fixed now!

Just wanted to stop by to say great work with the macro! I don’t personally play BDK, but seeing your results, they are amazing. :slight_smile:

Always nice to see macros on here that can do “competitive” play. So far yours is the third I’ve seen on the forum.

DPS Macros - Share your results! - here is my forum posts where people are showing off their achivements with the DPS macros on here. And so far i’ve reached 2.6k with my ret paladin in S2 and in S3 i’ve reached 2.6k on my DH, which is pretty awesome.

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it feels super good in adds, but im having a hard time on bosses using this macro, what speed are you running?

130ms, you need to save some RP for bosses as usually all DKS do! Keep all stacks of Bone Shield up to!


would this be M+ or good in raid also?

seems very interesting , I will try at my DK

Both, im adding a second profile to fit Single Target fights!


Hows the ST coming along? been using this for a couple of days and its great!
Any suggestions in the meantime?

Already updated for ST Raid! Enjoy!

Already updated for ST Raid! Enjoy!

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Have you been playing unholy at all? Would love to see your work for unholy, if you were interested in making such Macro.

so ive just downloaded this and im a new user, figured id try somthing new.
im not sure if im doing somthing wrong, but i set the speed to 150 since default seemed too high, imported the recommended talents, and i just pull some mobs and spam the button (2/3 presses a second) only pressing death strike if my hp gets >50% or using cooldowns.
is this how its meant to be played or did i mess up since im not sure how keys were done at a 20+ level like this, advise would be appreciated or even a video showing you doing a key and explaining its features

I don’t play any DPS class, only tanks, specially dk, monk and druids

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What are your stats? Did you read my info here and my stats?

i did read everything, im a returning player so im not a fluent with the game as i once was and i dont want it to sound the addon is bad, these are my stats and i know they dont compare too much to yours since you have a shit ton more stam than i do which is why i was attempting the macro on a much lower key than you did, our biggest stat diff is stam and vers

set the ms to 0 in the app.

if ur not using a auto clicker u wont need the ms in the app try that see how that work

You stats are similar to mine, hast can be reduced do 33%(cap) and around 25% crit with max Mastery you can.
DK macro spamming, you need to keep one eye on your runic power (recoverey is based on your haste), so you need to keep 5(min)-8 stacks of bone shield and always over your DnD.

My trinket provides arounf 103% haste so i can spam macro and always have RP to DS

hey mate are you using different talents for raid and M+ as the talents listed are more M+ as there is no soul reaper

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