50k Views Club and New Look!

Hey guys! I would like to know how you like the new “look” of the website? I tried to make it cleaner and more user friendly, but at the same time to improve the performance.
Wow, the first month of putting up the site I was amazed that I got 10k views in only 1 month. And thanks to all of you amazing people that have visited my site, after 2 months since then it is now at 50k views per month! I would like to thank everyone for making this possible, whether you used my macros or not you were still there and may have passed this to help family and friends.
With moving into the new fall semester of school, I will keep this up as often as possible and any feedback that you can give me would be a great help in updating macros.
I have been reading all the comments and suggestions about the macros. I will try to reply to everyone now that I have completed the face lift of the site.
Have a great day everyone!