6.0.3 Marksmen Hunter Gnomesequencer Macro (And Tutorial)

Howdy folks. I’ll spare the backstory and get right to the meat.

This is going to be a guide to Gnomesequencer Macros (or atleast, what I’ve found out) and also how to modify them.


First things first, you’ll need GnomeSequencer. Go to GnomeSequencer : Action Bar Mods : World of Warcraft AddOns and download, then install this addon. (Fucking Hyperlink Formatting not working, So you’ll have to deal with that for now)

This addon has no GUI and can only minimally be modified / accessed in the game (which I won’t really go into). So for now you’ll have to go into the Addons folder to change things.

Once you’re there, Rename ExampleSequences to Sequences and Open up Sequences.lua in your favourite text editor, to my knowledge you cannot rename this file to anything other then sequences, in there you should see a bunch of shit that’s important but if you have no idea about Lua… or just can’t understand his explanation, it just looks Chinese to you.

Delete all but the very first line so It looks like this (Or just copy and paste this in)
local _, Sequences = … – Don't touch this
This part isn’t important to you, aslong as you don’t touch it you’re fine.

Next we’ll need to make a Name for our Macro so the Addon can call upon it in game like so
Sequences['INSERT NAME HERE'] = {
Try not to have any spaces or recurring words in the name, I had an issue where I 2 called Marks and Marks CD, and when ever it used Marks CD it was also using my Marks addon. So keep the names simple, 1 word and different.

After that we can add in our things to do before running each line of code, or cast. This is generally things like /startattack or /petattack, Or target enemy, and this is how you do it.

 Sequences['Shots'] = {
PreMacro = [[
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/petattack [@target,harm]

As you can see here, I’ve got my Sequences, Then a PreMacro, so when ever I press the button to execute a spell it will always 1.Start my attack, 2. Target an enemy, and 3.Set my pet to attack my target.

After that we get to the main event of this addon, the ability to use Swapactionbar macros (or, like before. 0,0,0,0,Spell macros) without having to set-up a lot of bullshit or fuck action bars.

'/cast Aimed Shot',
'/cast Steady Shot',

Gnomesequencer is an addon that, every time you press your setup macro, it cycles through the available casts (just like a swapactionbar macro). As you can see here, Whenever I press this Macro, It will cast aimedshot on the first press, and Steady Shot on the second press.
Do note, this isn’t just limited to /cast, you can have almost any regular macro command here, /castsequence, /petattack, /use, what ever you like.

Finally we end it up with a Bracket to close off the sequence. Note you can also put “Post Macro” commands in, things that will happen AFTER every cast, although it’s use so-far varies,

In the end your whole macro should look something like this

Sequences['Name Here'] = {
PreMacro = [[
/shit to do before each press here
'Spells here'

This is very versatile in what it can do and can support multiple instances of the same spell. allowing you to cycle through things more efficiently


I figured I’d separate this bit since quite a few people didn’t bother to read how to access them in-game.

Make a Macro ingame with the same name as your Sequence (in my case. Shots / TheAoE / CD). Just call it that and press go, it will do the rest for you.

For those of you wanting to fuck around with what macros are pressed when, if you read the macro text you’ll notice it says /click “Name”. You can add multiple Clicks in, but I wouldn’t recommend it as it Can fuck you up in some situations, and the more /click’s you have running causes the game to crash more (I tried a weird idea for a macro involving lots of sequences bound to one button. Boy did WoW not like that…)


So here’s the thing most of you have just skipped down for. Or if you’re interested in making your own for varius classes / altering them. Some examples for you.

My current setup is as follows

local _, Sequences = ... -- Don't touch this

Sequences['Shots'] = {
PreMacro = [[
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/petattack [@target,harm]
'/cast Aimed Shot',
'/cast Aimed Shot',
'/cast Aimed Shot',
'/cast Aimed Shot',
'/cast Aimed Shot',
'/cast Steady Shot',
Sequences['TheAoE'] = {
PreMacro = [[
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/petattack [@target,harm]
'/cast Multi-Shot',
'/cast Multi-Shot',
'/cast Multi-Shot',
'/cast Multi-Shot',
'/cast Multi-Shot',
'/cast Steady Shot',

Sequences['Cooldowns'] = {
'/cast [combat] Rapid Fire',
'/cast [combat] Chimaera Shot',
'/cast [combat] Powershot',
'/cast [combat] Kill Shot',

As you can see it’s not exactly “brainless”. I had used other types of macros (ones that were all inclusive) but the DPS loss of around 1k/2k/3k dps depending on random chance, when I pressed things and gear really pissed me off. You can’t effectivly keep up Steady shot all the time, adding things like Glaive Toss in just gave another cooldown to not go off, so after a good 2/3 hours of racking my brain I came up with this simple solution.

So first, I have my Shots sequence. I currently use a Razer Nostromo to spam the keys relatively fast but you could do the absolute same with just about any type of script such as AHK. This is my sequence for when the rest of my skills are on Cooldown, I was sick of the fact that Chimaera shot would go unused for such a long time, Likewise I ONLY wanted to use Aimed shot / Steady shot for the first 20% of the fight, due to our passive grating bonus damage. The reason I have multiple Aimed Shots, is that My Nostromo cycles through all of the casts twice and goes 2 steps further every second. Before I had the issue of casting random steady shots while I still had full focus, doing this ensures that 95% of the time I won’t just cast a random steady shot. Set it up how you like for you, but this works for me.

Then I have my AoE sequence, Same deal here, If Thrill of the Hunt Procs or I have a lot of Barrage stacks, I don’t really want to be using my Cooldowns as Free Multi-shots every second is a no brainer.

then I have my CD sequence, I actually have this Toggled on which is why I use the [combat] pretense. Here I have All my cooldowns, including Chimera Shot, Powershot. Rapid fire and Killshot, I’ve left out my Pet specific raid buff there, but you can add those in too. These are constantly being cycled by my toggle macro on my Nostramo.

How does this all fit together? Well I usually leave my CD’s toggled on, when ever I start a fight (be it using any of my other sequences, or just right clicking) it pops rapid fire, and will cycle through firing Chjmaera. Powershot and Killshot. Once my Chimaera and Powershot are on cooldown (I have them on my bars to check) I then continue to either use my Shots sequence, or my AoE sequence depending, and spam those until my Chimera shot is off cooldown. This way I don’t miss any abilities off my rotation (which was the main thing that pissed me off about other macros).

So that’s how you use Gnome sequencer, I’d recommend atleast using Thrill of the Hunt as your talent instead of steady focus and it’s a lot harder doing this to keep up Steady Focus then it is to use Aimed shot on a Thrill proc. Other then that Powershot and Glaives are Interchangeable, use as you like.

I hope this helps :smiley:

NOTE: As of writing this, according to Blizz’s ToS. You can’t be banned for using an addon that doesn’t modify any protected Lua Scripts. As such this Addon is Clean at the time of writing.

well done!

Ok great macro but i did everything u said to do but still not working for me do u have Macro tool tip or some other macro extender

[quote quote=18302]Ok great macro but i did everything u said to do but still not working for me do u have Macro tool tip or some other macro extender, tells me Gnome Sequencer: failed to load Sequences.lua or contains no macros, create the file from Example Sequenceas.lua can u help me fig it out


Awesome works great, but am I missing something, if I want to set up multiple characters to use this do I have to rename the sequence file every time I change toons? Checked the site for some sort of enlightenment but came up with nothing.

K, I get it you put all the macros in the one file and the make corresponding macros to the toon your using, pretty neat

So do you have to change the script each time you wanna use it for another character or can you just create another file for the next class you wanna make it for? Or do i just keep adding macros to the same file?

Just keep adding the macros to the same file.

Sorry guys, been busy with the expansion :smiley:

You need have ONE sequences.lua file for all your classes. I used to have them called “Shots” and “TheAoE” but upon making the swap to a Deathknight and a Warrior… and a Warlock… I’ve started calling them by simple “HunterST” “HunterAoE”. “HunterCD”. basically “Class**Action” for organizations sake.

As far as I know you can have as many sequences as you like. AFAIK… don’t quote me on that.

@Mark. I have no idea why this is happening, Re-install GnomeSequencer. Copy my bottom post (all of it) into ExampleSequences.lua and rename it to Sequences.lua. That should atleast make it work.

Then you just hop on WoW and type (for example) TheAoE as a Macro name, and press Okay.

please can someone tell me how to use the Gnomesequencer?

Hi Sinkhole

No too look rude but we have put enough post in the forum about how to set this up please search the forums.
Give you a little clue try the addon section

I did explain in the first part of the post, quite clearly.

But just to re-itterate it, i’ll copy and paste what you need from the guide.

First things first, you’ll need GnomeSequencer. Go to GnomeSequencer : Action Bar Mods : World of Warcraft AddOns and download, then install this addon.

If you don’t know how to install an addon, Google it, it’s simple and if you can’t figure that out you probably don’t deserve to use it anyway.

Once you’ve installed it, Rename ExampleSequences to Sequences and Open up Sequences.lua in your favourite text editor.

Copy and paste the macros you want in them from the various Gnome Sequencer Macro Post.

Then make a Macro ingame with the same name as your Sequence (in my case. Shots / TheAoE / CD). Just call it that and press Okay, It’ll pop up with some text in the newly created macro if you did it right. Then press SAve. it will do the rest for you.

If you can’t get it to work after this, I’m sorry.

[quote quote=18520]please can someone tell me how to use the Gnomesequencer?

Here is a video guide on how to use it.

Thank you for this. Hopefully this sorts any and all problems out, because if not I swear to god I’ll make a video guide with step by step instructions…

Why do you not have any chimera shots in your macro?

It’s in there, just in his “Cooldowns” macro. My guess is he’s got 2 buttons spammed at once.

My keyboard doesn’t allow for this so I just made a keyboard macro that alternates between Shots and Cooldowns (1 3 1 3 1 3) with 50 ms pauses between each press. My AoE keyboard macro does TheAoE and Cooldowns (2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3), again with 50ms pauses between each press. Don’t know if this is hurting my DPS but I plan on extensively testing this one out. My previous 1 button macro for Single Target tends to lock up, so its either I need to iron this macro out or the 1 button macro.

You are completely correct.

I currently have a Razer Nostromo, and I actually just have it set on toggled so it basically pressed my CD’s for me. A lot of Gnome Sequencer macros annoyed me in their Hit-and-miss style of things, You either spam the shit out of the button and hope your shits comes out at the right time (and for some classes this works perfectly. Not so much hunter) but I frequently PvP and the easiest way I could group things were by A)Things that need to be cast before Focus Dumps, that have cooldowns. and B)Things that need to be cast After.

I use JSRL(Or what ever)'s Hunter bar to track my Cd’s, so It’s just a case of waiting till they’re blown then holding the key.

Recently playing around with it more and more I’ve started using Aimed / Steady shot individually, Multi-Shot is useless in PvP and in an AoE situation it’s actually pretty horrible right now, and I tend to just focus one down. So having a button for both Aimed and Steady makes my life easier.

I’ve also swapped to Survival since It’s just 100% better for PvP, and I’m quite surprised how easily the rotation works with macros, considering you only have 1 ability with a cast time being your cobra shot. It’s a lot easier to manage then MM, atleast for PvP.

On the subject of your Macros, If possible I’d suggest using Auto Hotkey to spam keyboard presses and just holding down the button relevant at the time, AHK usually allows you to overcome the restrains of single key presses on some keyboards. The DPS loss In spamming CD / Shot / CD / Shot isn’t actually too bad, but until you’ve fired off all your CD’s you’ll have a weird down-time at the start of a fight, usually firing off all your CD’s takes priority (unless Rapid Fire is up or the Mob is over 80% hp, then you exclusively want to Aimed shot/Steady Shot)

What talents are you using for these sequences?

I did add in lines for all talents and just striked them out, but Currently when I run MM I use AMoC + Glaive toss + Thrill of the Hunt + Lone Wolf.

I’m actually going to do some further testing with something I came up with last night to see how well it would work, and see how it re-acts which may cause some changes.

the main reason for not using Steady Focus (apart from not being as high DPS with better gear) is that consistantly keeping steady focus up in a GS macro is incredibly hard. Other macros can do it well enough but waste DPS due to not using things off cooldown (the biggest loss of DPS for a MM is not hitting Chimera Shots off CD) and not using all your focus, they’ll either spend all of it and lock up, or stay topped off and cast Cobra shot while full.

Play around with it and find out what works, it’s slightly easier for other hunters (especially survival as I now am using) if they take Blink Strike, one less cooldown = one less thing for it to fuck up is how I view things.

As stated though, I’ve had a new idea on how to use a Gnome Sequencer macro, if it works it could REVOLUTIONIZE how we use Macros (if it works like it should in my head) and, quite possibly could make blizzard ban-disallow the usage of Gnome Sequencer. but we’ll see.

Edit: And just like that, My idea was shot down… :frowning:

Hey man, followed what you wrote, the single target macro and aoe work a treat! but the cooldown macro doesnt seem to work? Nothing happens when its pressed. Any ideas?