7.0.3 Legion Mistweave

I havn’t seen any new ones for the mistweaver so i thought i’d give it a try myself, this is what i’ve come up with. It is by no means mana efficient. but it gets the job done u just have to sit and grab mana between alot of pulls lol. Give it a shot and let me know what u think, also any constructive crit is very welcome.
First off talents:
Tier 1:
Zen Pulse.
I chose Zen Pulse because of the multi heal and cd. Chi Burst is nice, but if the party members are not directly in front of u, its a loss.
Tier 2:
Tiber’s Lust.
I chose Tiger’s Lust for the movement aspect of it, you will be moving alot.
Tier 3:
I chose Lifecycles for the decreased Mana costs it contributes to both Enveloping Mist and Vivify, they are your bread and butter heals.
Tier 4:
Ring of Peace.
RoP because, in my exp. tanks just dont like it when u use SoCJ and Leg Sweep is a mele talent.
Tier 5:
Healing Elixer.
HE for the auto (ohh shit) self heal below 35%. And just from what i’ve seen since patch, tanks not only dont pay attention to the mobs gang rapeing you as a healer, they dont even look to see if your in the same room. and on the plus side if you do get swarmed, and within range of the tank you will survive long enough to get into his aggro zone.
Tier 6:
Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane.
I went with this one based on I dont like the extra clicking or replacing the Jade Serpent Statue every room. and the mana cost of Jade Wind is a lil high.
Tier 7:
Focused Thunder.
Empowerment for Thunder Focus Tea. The cd for Mana Tea is insane now, and Rising Thunder is another mele talent.

Secondly, I realize there is a point after the rotation on the tank that it will not cast anything but Soothing Mist, that is intentional. Its to help with it not over writing Enveloping Mist, waiting on the cd for Pulse, and giving it a lil time to use Soothing Mist, which is automaticly cast now by default (helps with mana consumption).

Now, all that for this lol.

Sequences['KTNMUNKYMIST'] = {
specID = 270,
author = "KTN",
helpTxt = "2211122",
PreMacro = [[
/assist [@focus,exists,help,nodead]
'/castsequence [@focus,exists,help,nodead,combat] Zen Pulse,Enveloping Mist,Renewing Mist,Essence Font,Enveloping Mist,Effuse',
'/cast [@mouseover,exists,help,nodead] Vivify',
PostMacro = [[
/cast [combat] Tiger's Lust
/cast [combat] Thunder Focus Tea
/cast [combat] Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane

And my Tank Ohhshit button:

Sequences['KTNMUNKYOSH'] = {
specID = 270,
author = "KTN",
helpTxt = "2211122",
PreMacro = [[
/assist [@focus,exists,help,nodead]
'/castsequence [@focus,exists,help,nodead,combat] Life Cocoon, Vivify, Vivify, Effuse',
PostMacro = [[

Hopefully some one can inprove on it, especialy as far as the mana consuption goes.


The specID is actually 270 for monk mistweaver. Here is the documentation.


And this will work or is written for Gnomesequencer - Enhanced

…And "Castsequence commands gnomesequencer don’t work like SuperMacro or Macrotoolkit. It iw explained here.


I’m sorry if I offended you. Wasn’t my intention.

No offence taken, i’ll correct the spec id, but as far as tthe castsequences go. it works perfectly fine. And yes, for GS-E.