8.0 Dark Kitty

https://wowlazymacros.com/members/darkonius/ my mistake was another macro was using lol

i use corsair harpoon it gives option to set ms as from 0 to what ever currently set at 100 ms

keep getting cant use that ability while pacified.

This fixed it for others having issues

Ok, I managed to fix it. Dunno what did it but this is the sequence i did.

  1. Teleported to dalaran.
  2. Teleported to the Dreamwalk
  3. Entered Feralas (I reasoned lets try melee attack in non-populated continent at the moment)
  4. Once there, I entered flight form and dropped myself out of flight form in to cat form.
  5. My melee abilities worked again, and speed was back normal
  6. Ported back with Hearthstone to Kul-Tiras and all is well!

Hope it works for you too!

Question. keep get message you are in shapeshift after like 4 presses on macro… need to swap to bomkin or just normal and its workign again… any advice what it can be? thanks!

This still works the best for me at this time, level 110.

Feral is in such a bad place right now that I honestly have not touched this since pre patch. However they did Buff Brutal Slash and Swipe a couple of weeks ago, and now they have announced that at some point this week they will increase Energy regen and increase the damage of Rip. So maybe just maybe Feral will be at a playable state later this week. It’s not going to be in the top of the charts but maybe you won’t get auto kicked from a group for being Feral. Anyway I’ll revisit the macro once the cahnges go live, though I will say that the changes play nicely with the way I originally wrote this macro which leans more heavily on Brutal Slash and Omen Builds than Savage Roar/ Bloodtalons. The one thing that I have noticed in my brief testing is that the old “autounshift” “/Cast Regrowth” trick does not seem to work anylonger and wants to continually kick you out of Cat form again. It may be something that we have to go back to hard casting unless I can find a solution that works.

Dark, Just letting you know, the syntax in Spitz’ macro(SPITZ_FERAL-Keyrelease section) works for Regrowth.
/console autounshift 0
/cast [@player, combat] Regrowth
/console autounshift 1

You’re right about feral being better, but not there yet.

Loved this macro when iw as leveling it inspored me to write my own but I loved how this profromed for me smooth and easy to understand

spitz macro perfoming better at moment since update

This is my favourite feral, by far for ease of use and dependability. Any chance of an update for 8.1 or are you thoroughly disgusted with WoW/Feral?

I’m working my way back into Feral. I wrote some things today and did a little testing. I need to smooth some things out but it seems viable atleast. I’ll update when I have something solid.

[quote quote=67887]

Lorna Appleby wrote:
This is my favourite feral, by far for ease of use and dependability. Any chance of an update for 8.1 or are you thoroughly disgusted with WoW/Feral?
I’m working my way back into Feral. I wrote some things today and did a little testing. I need to smooth some things out but it seems viable atleast. I’ll update when I have something solid.[/quote]

It seems Critical and Mastery are the most important stats now. I’ve seeing some Ferals lately doing constant 17K with most of them using a build of 1,X,1,X,1,2,2. All of them at 40% + Mastery and 23% + Crit. I’m at 43% Mastery and 26% Critical and doing steady 11K with your macro right now which isn’t bad at all compared with what I was doing before patch 8.1

*****12/28/18- Updated macro for BFA 8.1.0

Thanks a lot Dark :slight_smile:

Version 1 - Working as intended including RegrowthHeal (Doing 13K-14K in Boralus Dummy). Will provide a feedback in the next real test usage.

Version 2 - Have not tested yet (not even in the Dummy) and since I don’t use PW the only change I made was to replace the modifier Alt=Primal Wrath by Alt=Berserk. I will also provide feedback on this one after test it.

Again, thank you so much and Happy New Year :slight_smile:

VERSION 1+2 - TALENTS 1,3,1,1,1,2,2

Item level 327,43

DAMAGE 6.9k (1.4M dmg) (Boralus training dummy) VER-1 3MIN TEST AOE skills hit 3 DUMMY
DAMAGE 7.3k (1.44M dmg) (Boralus training dummy) VER-2 3MIN TEST AOE skills hit 3 DUMMY

Heste 11%
Mastery 34%
Crit 21%

i think when im attack longer in same attack the rotation goes wrong and many times im only auto attack i dont know why :frowning: and some time when im use ferocius bite the regrowth cast after 5sec im trying click that buttom slower or faster and i think its not help io dont know… i think there is problem with the regrowth cast any help and fix please?? and is that dps good for that item level ? i dont know rly i still think im a fckings noob… i really need macro i cant use that musch skils with only normal keybinds


Version 1 - For me the previous Version 8.01 v1.2 is still doing better than the new 8.1. And everything is working as intended and nothing is hanging.

Version 2 - As I said I replaced Alt=Primal Wrath by Alt=Berserk and it’s working just fine although Shift=Ferocious Bite doesn’t work at all.

I use Logitech G710+ and my G Keys are set to 50ms. Is that too much maybe?

hello noob question how do i choose between the MACRO VERSIONS? lets say i want to run version 2 or viceversa, in advance thanks a lot!

In GS select the macro, edit and then go to the configuration TAB. In there you can select which version will be the default or even choose the same version for all situations or a specific version for each type of situation.

Thank you so much! You rock!

Can’t import the code, i copied the first from the first post, i think is not the same!