87% of SimC.

Hi there, i am just try to get back to arcane mage. I did a little single target macro vs. one trainings dummy (în Dazar´Alor) which follows the icy veins prio (modifier for CD´s & Arcane Barrage, Arcane Missiles on seperate button)

My prio:
0.) Bloodlust (Sitenote: Raidbots is using BL even if you turn it off)
1.) Presence of Mind + Arcane Power
2.) Arcan Blast 4 times
3.) Arcane Barrage
4.) Berserking (Troll Racial)
5.) If i get a Clear Cast proc & Arcane Power Buff is not active i use Arcane Missiles


Unbuffed with Bloodlust i got 87% of my SimC. Results.
My mana stays the always above 50 / 60% or higher, so i dont need to use Evocation.

Why i am so far from 100% / what is wrong ? I know noone is doing perfect, but arcan prio is so basic that i should be more close (patchwerk)

PS. i dont think i need to upload my macro here, since it´s only casting Arcan Blast…rest is manual.

i believe your rotation might be off. if your not using your Evocation, then something is wrong. Once Evocation is off cooldown, you need to spam Arcane Blast (an any other CDs: AP, RoP, etc) and burn all of your mana and then evocate. then comes the conserve phase which is Arcane Blast until 4 stacks then Arcane Barrage while casting missiles on Clearcasting. Once evocation is again off cooldown, you need to activate burn phase as stated above (burn all your mana with arcane blast/Missles with CC, then evocation then Arcane Barrage after evocation… then conserve phase again until Evo is off CD.

And also on a side note. Dont use Raidbots to Sim yourself. use AskMrRobot. Because Raidbots doesn’t let you Sim yourself on a Target Dummy.

Aaah i got it! I did misunderstood the icy veins guide. I did always casted Arcane Barrage immediately after reaching four Arcan charges. Stupid me ^^
And you are right with AMR this number looks way better to me :slight_smile:

Thank´s a lot !!!