A couple of macros, and all different ones are giving me this LUA error below--- help

Message: Usage: local result = C_Item.IsEquippableItem(itemInfo)
Time: Sun Apr 28 13:22:16 2024
Count: 2
Stack: Usage: local result = C_Item.IsEquippableItem(itemInfo)
[string “=[C]”]: in function IsEquippableItem' [string "@Interface/SharedXML/Chat/ChatFrame.lua"]:1048: in function <Interface/SharedXML/Chat/ChatFrame.lua:982> [string "@Interface/SharedXML/Chat/ChatFrame.lua"]:1275: in function ?’
[string “@Interface/SharedXML/Chat/ChatFrame.lua”]:5388: in function ChatEdit_ParseText' [string "@Interface/SharedXML/Chat/ChatFrame.lua"]:5065: in function ChatEdit_SendText’
[string “@Interface/SharedXML/Chat/ChatFrame.lua”]:3246: in function <Interface/SharedXML/Chat/ChatFrame.lua:3240>
[string “=[C]”]: in function RunMacroText' [string "@Interface/FrameXML/SecureTemplates.lua"]:468: in function handler’
[string “@Interface/FrameXML/SecureTemplates.lua”]:690: in function <Interface/FrameXML/SecureTemplates.lua:672>
[string “@Interface/FrameXML/SecureTemplates.lua”]:704: in function <Interface/FrameXML/SecureTemplates.lua:697>
[string “@Interface/FrameXML/SecureTemplates.lua”]:746: in function <Interface/FrameXML/SecureTemplates.lua:730>
[string “=[C]”]: ?

[string “@Interface/SharedXML/Chat/ChatFrame.lua”]:5065: in function ChatEdit_SendText' [string "@Interface/SharedXML/Chat/ChatFrame.lua"]:3246: in function <Interface/SharedXML/Chat/ChatFrame.lua:3240> [string "=[C]"]: in function UseAction’
[string “@Interface/FrameXML/SecureTemplates.lua”]:364: in function handler' [string "@Interface/FrameXML/SecureTemplates.lua"]:690: in function <Interface/FrameXML/SecureTemplates.lua:672> [string "@Interface/FrameXML/SecureTemplates.lua"]:704: in function <Interface/FrameXML/SecureTemplates.lua:697> [string "@Interface/FrameXML/SecureTemplates.lua"]:746: in function SecureActionButton_OnClick’
[string “@Interface/FrameXML/ActionButton.lua”]:100: in function TryUseActionButton' [string "@Interface/FrameXML/ActionButton.lua"]:135: in function ActionButtonDown’
[string “ACTIONBUTTON2”]:2: in function <[string “ACTIONBUTTON2”]:1>

Locals: (*temporary) = “Usage: local result = C_Item.IsEquippableItem(itemInfo)”

Same thing happening here also just started today

You need to fix the template or change your talents - [BUG] Lua Error · Issue #1415 · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler · GitHub

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how do i fix the template? im using it right from the above post and the talents are from wowhead

the one that is doing this is

Oaks Ww monk macro
and Borlands Mistweaver Macro

You obviously didn’t read the link. The solution is quite clear.

i didnt know that was a link, and im for as long as ive been using gse, Ive never figured out how to make my own macro.

Haa, that’s it ,I’ve trying to figure this one out ty :slight_smile: