A guide to macros, WoW, you and more

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Many thanks to:
@lutechi for creating and maintaining this website.
@TimothyLuke for this amazing Picaso-like Addon.
(Please give Lutechi and Timothy Luke some love in subbing to their respective Patreon accounts here and here. And their Twitch channels here and here.
Past (R.I.P. BeefWellington (aka Beef) and Gween), present and future macro creators!

About me and little bit of insight to where I’m coming from:
Hi! I’m Deezyl Fizzlepop and I’ve been maining Hunters for 13 years-mostly Beast Master, some Marksman with very little Survival specs. Right now I’m maining Marksman because it’s all about the best DPS for Hunters.

I’ve used the original GS when the developer semlar published it on WoWInterface.com in 2014 before Timothy Luke took it and made this remarkable Addon what is today.

Due to my disability that gives about 20-25% feeling in my left hand I dare not use a keyboard for WoW anymore except for typing which I’m slow and sloppy as hell and use Razer’s Tartarus v2 Keypad and Razer Naga Pro mouse for movement and macros.

I read each and every new post on this site. Why? Maybe to help someone out or maybe to glean a little bit of information that’ll help me out because you never know…

I’m a Guild Leader for over 10 years now and in the Legion expansion our Guild was #3 on our server in progression Raiding. It was kinda hardcore and I sure do miss those days competitively Raiding. But like almost any progression Guild, it fell apart so now you can call me “casually hardcore”. So you kinda have to know your stuff.

Macros are NOT one-size-fits-all. They’re not cookie-cutter. What works for the macro creator, you or me WILL be different-unless you have the same playstyle, gear, Talents, etc.

By all means there are probably other ways to get better results in less time or more effectively but this what I’ve been sticking with for years.

I DO NOT release any of my macros to the public because they’re tailormade for me, my playstyle, gear, latency, etc.

Let’s begin:
A good macro is the one you make and tailor to your needs. It takes a while but it’s worth it in the long run. As your gear changes towards possible soft/hard caps for a stat(s) so will your macro DPS/HPS numbers. And that needs to be changed in order reflect it for best DPS/HPS output.

I start out by testing all macros I can find one at time taking out all redundant and unnecessary spell/abilities unbuffed in front of a non-raid Training dummy (you can use a raid training dummy-but all I care about is the highest number aka total average of the macro when used four times at five minutes each). Each pass is five minutes in length and I do this four times for one macro to account for variables.

Next, I record four passes for each macro on Notepad with the macro name and take the highest/best overall number out of all of them (if some are close then just get the average that macro) from my Details! Damage Meter Damage Done logs.

If they’re very, very very, close, just average them out and go with the highest numbers. If the numbers are exactly the same I choose the one that gives me the highest opening burst. Also, it’s very acceptable to mix and match macros, i.e. ST, AoE, Healing ST, Healing AoE, etc. from other users.

      HurpaDurp's macro:  
      Single target: 2.2, 2.3, 2.1, 2.2
      AoE: 3.5, 3.4, 3.4, 3.5
      oMg BeSt mAcRo EvA:
      Single target: 08, .08, .09, .07
      AoE: .03, .02, .02, .02

Rotation and Tuning:
First, I sim myself UNBUFFED and NO BLOODLUST at Raidbots to check which spells are taking priorities due to my gear setup in their Damage Breakdown chart.

Next, I use Details! Damage Meter actually see how the better macro that I’ve tested performs by the percentage of each spell/ability. As an alternative, there’s the GSE Debugging feature in GSE (as @TimothyLuke demonstrated in his GSE University Twitch videos ) which does pretty much the same thing.

After testing all macros starting at 100 ms (I cannot stress this enough) then play around with the speeds in increments of 10+ ms while recording your results up to say around 200 ms (my Single Target, AoE and Openrer/Burst sweet spots are set at .224 ms). And, yes, if it’s too fast (say below 100 ms) you can cause a macro to skip over spells/abilities-which COULD be lifesaving or Raid/Dungeon wiping, victory or defeat, become random casts and flag those users for pressing a button at inhuman speeds which COULD POSSIBLY be grounds for a BAN from Blizzard. Then in comes the “ZOMG! BlIzZ bAnNeD mE fOr uSiNg gSe!”.

(Trying to get close to the % of what should be casted and when is the hardest part in Raidbots. But sadly as our gear changes your macro should change as well if there’s a drastic Stat increase/decrease and that means more testing (if it’s a few % points, I won’t bother. I’m NOT anal and plus I don’t think it’d make much of a difference). Haste is the hardest part because it affects your in-game ms if there’s a spike big enough.)

SAVE ALL OF YOUR RECOREDED RESULTS TO NOTEPAD! Because if someone comes out with a new macro or an updated one you can try it out and compare the differences.

TL;DR: If you didn’t want to do all of that I mentioned then just test out every macro for your Class/Spec via the Training dummy, record your results and go with the one that gives you the highest or best average.

Make things easier on yourself:
Know your Class and spec. I’m a firm believer in constantly reading Icy Veins. Read up on how we play, function, what’s good, what’s bad, etc. Everything we need to know is right there.

Sim your toon:
Simming gives you a good idea of how your character should be performing under perfect conditions. It lets you see if an item will give you a numerical advantage if you use it correctly. Raidbots is the best place to do it and “provides many different tools for simulating your character, allowing you to quickly and easily assess different factors, whether it’s stats, gear, talents or more. That doesn’t necessarily make it less useful, however, as it is still the fastest way to create a simulation report for analysis.”

Your stats don't matter. Use Raidbots Top Gear and forget everything else. Do not ever run a Stat Weight sim in your life ever again. Oh, and also, please uninstall Pawn.

bloodmallet offers DPS simulation data for everyone for World of Warcraft. Comparing different setups often requires simulations. To ease this need for information bloodmallet.com offers a wide range of prepared simulation data. This way you can get your overview a lot quicker and get back into the action faster. As with all prepared information, the exact context of your character is missing and that can change the outcome. Therefore make sure to regularly simulate your character yourself.”

Addons: If you don’t play WoW on a potato then get some:
GSE needs no explanation.
Details! Damage Meter as I mentioned above.
If your gonna sim your toon the only addon you’re gonna need is Simulationcraft.
If you not using ELVUI you’re doing it wrong.
Icy Veins has recommendations for class specific Addons, too (with macros!).
Weak Auras are a must with wago giving you a ton of options to go along with them and much, much more.
And please, please, please keep them updated-hint: try WoWUP or Ajour.

(Bonus Points: Here’s the UI from BrutallStatic that I use and love immensely. It has pretty much all the Addons and WA’s you’ll ever need.)

Discord: There are Community Discord Servers for every Class out there and every ASPECT to WoW. Plus, our very own WLM Discord for GSE (invite link). In there if you’re not sure or are intimidated, just tell people that your new or having trouble with something and nine times out of ten you’ll get a reply in that channel…but might not be the one you wanna hear…

Read, learn and expand your mind. Don’t be lazy. This site is WoW Lazy Macros-NOT WoW Macros for Lazy People.

PS: If you’re a MACRO CREATOR and you’re gonna release something to public:



QUADRPLE CHECK WHAT TALENTS YOU HAVE POSTED because most users here will follow blindly to whatever Talents they see (or better yet post what Talents you’re using) without looking at Icy Veins or gasp simming them.

"WHAT MS ARE YOU RUNNING AT?" Mention it as one of the first things you type.

hElP! mOdZ kEyZ nO wOrK!!one!oNe!1!:
Do yourself a a favor if you’re using things like [mod:ctl] or [mod:alt], etc… and post the in opening thread that in GSE Options that there’s a box you can click to undo Keybinds (Clear Keybinds box).


Please use the CORRECT gear, gems, enchants, etc. for EACH spec you create a macro for because you’re cheating yourself and others out of a potentially awesome macro because it’s NOT performing correctly due to different Stat Priorities and the rest being skewed., i.e. Maining Feral and creating Druid macros for every spec in Feral gear. (I have a feeling that’s what a lot of macro creators are/have been doing)

In closing, if you have any questions or comments or thoughts at all please don’t hesitate to get a hold of me here via this Thread, in PM’s, Discord: Deezyl#3253 or add my BattleTag: Deezyl#11651.



**Lots of editing and added content.

This should be the introtext of the site. There are so many important informations in this thread. Thank you for that. After trying all sub rogue macros and then reading that often the makers are not even level 60 with there chars, I decided to just create and test my own macro myself from the get go.

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Thank you for the very kind words!

If there’s a enough interest from people I can release my Opener/Burst and Traps macros for MM Hunter. They’re nothing special but’s just what I use. Lemme know.

Making your own macro is a great thing. No one knows your play style like you do. And even if there are best skills and talents, sometimes they are not the best for you. Or you may want them to go off in a certain order, or have different mod to do certain things, because that is what you are used to. And Pho is correct that sometimes people, myself included, put out a macro on a spec that is not what they are used to. Using myself as an example. I was asked to make a Unholy macro. I do not main an unholy. My 60 DK has been blood since he was reborn. But I attempted to make a macro for the spec anyways. I personally said on that macro that I did not main an unholy and was open to suggestions. So it happens, from time to time, that a macro can be built by someone that is either not top level or not mained to the spec of the macro that was made. And since there are 35 specs I can understand that.

I personally play many classes. Because someday I will pick a main, I think. I have been trying to decide that for the last 1, 2, 3 or 12+ years. My wife is the same way, so we play and delete more toons then I would care to admit. I used to make macros for just her and myself, but I decided to share some of them to others here. I figured if I could help at least one person that was a good thing.

In closing, agree with the OG poster of this. There are many great sites and tools to use. I personally love ELVUI and recommend it. My wife on the other hand hates it and loves the straight wow interface. Neither of us is right or wrong. And I would not not say you are playing wrong if you are not using it. And as for the note to creators, yeah I get it. No one likes mistakes, but they too are human. And if they are like me, more then likely going to have mistakes and spelling errors lol. Just point them out, question talent selections if they do not look right. I think most people that release macros are like myself and are willing to explain or fix mistakes they made. The last thing I would add is, Icy Veins is a great site, but never follow any site suggestions and selections on a toon that you play. I often compare and differ from the findings on Icy Veins. That maybe do to my play style and my non-hardcore, non-try-hard mentality of my main lacking WOW life.

Thanks for putting all the links in one spot to help others. And don’t take me wrong like I am attacking you, Just adding my 2 cents and perspective.


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Legion was very ALT friendly and loved leveling but since then Blizz kinda killed that off somewhat and now I level all of mine to max via mostly questing then just park them.

But that gets old very fast as you can pretty much answer the same questions over and over in one thread because people really dislike reading an entire thread to find out an answer to a question that’s already been answered.

That’s why I suggested macro creators put Talents and ms in their description as I’ve seen that those are probably the two most asked questions.

I’m totally opposite. Once you get a taste of competitive Raiding (or PvP, even) with a great group running PUG’s or LFR isn’t quite nearly the same.

I have a very big disdain for LFR and even normal Raids with PUG’s because usually if we wipe on trash there’s always someone quitting the group and even more so in LFR in Boss wipes. I’m in it for the long haul no matter how many attempts it takes to down a Boss.

Not at all!! Thank you so very much for reading all of my ramble and hope my thread helps you (or anyone) in the least.

Should this be a Sticky? That’s not me to decide but I’d be floored if it was. (Even though I don’t think it’d be worthy)

I don’t think this would change anything. The typical user (me included) comes here and is looking for a ready to go macro. In most cases you get happy here with the macros. This really gets relevant when you want to even be remotely competitive. I myself never really played WoW because I simply can’t play without GSE(I played classic till BC). I mean yeah I could click a rotation and I think this could work maybe for a hunter. But that all falls flat if you want to something more in the endgame.

And I think it depends somehow what class you want to play. With a sub rogue GSE or the macrosystem of blizzard is very limited. You have to invest time to get the best out of it and then this thread is very important. But by this time you already looking for better ways to setup your own macro and search here for your guide. Or you simply just reroll to a different class. You have to be willing to invest time in your class, char and the macros and I think this is not the typical user who comes here looking for a well tested macro.

I invested over 8 hours yesterday on a training dummy and on raidbots for my perfect macro but then I had the same problem with every other macro tested for a sub rogue on this site. The damage falls flat and you never get to next perfect burst like you would without GSE and capable hands.

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I’d thought of that and still wanted to post this for others that want to take the time and explore a new avenue to making/tweaking/tuning a macro.

I been playing games since 1999, I started in EQ, believe me WOW at it’s hardest never had the strain and stress of raiding in eq. And honestly the raiding in EQ killed raiding for me personally. A normal raid night would be 3-4 hours of just setting up the raid. For those who raided in EQ they know what I am talking about. Wife and I raided some in WOW up and through Pandria. But our computers got little old, and were struggling with the raiding. We planned on getting new ones, but before we could we lost our 18 year old son, he too was a WOW player and we left the game. We did not play through WOD, or legion and the start of BFA. Wife and I talked and decided that our son would want us to play so we fired up the old computers. They were out of date back then and were way way out of date for BFA. We struggled through BFA on systems that could not handle WOW. If there was fog in a cave I would lag so bad that I would nonstop run into walls. So I tried to avoid caves at all cost. We got new computers shortly before shadowlands, and we plan on raiding more.
And I agree that LFR and LFD tools will are nice, they are also detrimental to the game. The part of an MMO is the people, my best friend is a Monk we played with in EQ. With lfr and LFD you rarely meet people that you will ever play with again. so people tend to be more toxic because they can be. And you never make the friendships like you did before, when you actually had to find player that played when you played. But that is a topic for another day.

I don’t see myself ever getting back into hardcore game mode. I like playing when I want to play, Doing what I want want when I want too, not having to dedicate a certain time multiple time a week to raid. I want to play the classes and specs I want to play, not have a guild ask or feel obligated to change to a spec or class because that is what the guild needs. I did that for many years. I am enjoying trying and playing all the classes. seeing what classes and specs fit me and my playstyle. But there is nothing wrong with being hardcore raider or M+ runner, pvper or a casual player. It takes all kinds. My wife loves running old dungeons, has started tanking and is loving that. and at the end of the day that is what matter, did you enjoy your time in the game? Did you have fun?


**added a sentence about Keybinds and how to clear them.

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I want to take the time to thank @baddiemcbadface for all of they’re guides, knowledge, insight and inspirational contributions to this site. Without they’re help so many macro creators and macro users would be lost.

Oh, and thanks for the free bump!

**added in Thank you’s and a GSE Discord invite link.