A warning to all Razer product users

I wanted to make sure that the use of the synapse 2.0 software was ok. After all, with macros, you can do alot. So I sent off this E-Mail:

I bought a Razer Naga and Orbweaver for use with the game, World of Warcraft. It uses a configuration program called Synapse. This program has the ability to record and execute macros and using those macros, from what I can tell, do multiple things in game on a single key press. I'd like to know if this program is allowed or not. Thanx

This is the reply I got:

*waves* Hello Mark,
My Name is Game Master Altehphoria! Thanks for contacting Blizzard Entertainment today :3 I had a chance to go over your issue here and I am happy to help!

Anything that automates gameplay is not allowed - If you have any further questions on it I would recommend reading up on our ToU: http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/company/legal/wow_tou.html

Thanks for your time and patience here and I wish you all the luck in your future adventures! 

Take Care!

Game Master Altehphoria
Your Friendly Neighborhood Druid ʕ=^ᴥ^=ʔ
Blizzard Entertainment
Customer Service

Now, I’m not saying that anyone would use it for such, but just a fair warning to those who do use it. They cann’t tell what you use it for and if they detect that you DO use it, they don’t ask questions first. They might send out a warning though. I know that I had an account banned for botting once and they didn’t warn me. They just locked my account. Nothing hurts like waking up to find your account locked and no email to explain why till about a day later.
Again, I’m not trying to be an @$$pole here. I simply don’t want anyone to get into trouble and I’m trying to warn that it’s use might be taken the wrong way. So you might want, just to be safe, to stop using it while WoW is active.
You might have been using it for ages and had no issues. Great. I knew people who botted from vanilla through Wrath and never got caught. I"m not trying to say you WILL be caught. I’m only saying that the official ruling is, “If it can automate play, it’s not allowed.”

Your call of course.

that is a blanket response given to any asking about hardware that does what the orbweaver, Naga, Nostromo and the other hardware with the same function. long story short, as long as you stick to a 1 to 1 button press to action setup your fine, its the same if you use the Hardware or Gnome sequencer and manually press the key.

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Botting is where you run a program that controls all aspects of your game I.e. farm bots, fishing bots, or BG bots. Having macro sequences bound to a single key or mouse button does not constitute as botting if you are complete control of your toon. What that gm responded was a standard scripted reply. I got the same reply multiple times even when I asked in my newbie days way back in the day if it was legal to have all my CDs in a single macro.

The rule of thumb with blizzard concerning macros is that if you have to be physically present at your computer for it to continue working, it is ok. Especially when it concerns a device from one of their public partners such as Razer.

I have personally been using a hardware spam macro on a .04 sec interval for years. Has blizzard taken notice, almost surely, it isn’t something someone is physically capable of doing. Do they say anything about it? No, because it could do that 24/7 and it still doesn’t move my character, interact with objects, etc. I still need to be there to play. I just don’t have to worry about the spell and abilities I’m using to kill the baddie in front of me.