About the problem that "mod" cannot be used normally

The last two versions of my “mod” are not working properly. I want to know why and how to solve this problem.

You could start by asking a question that could be answered. You have asked the equivalent of “my lawn mower is broken - how do I fix it?” And given no one any clue as to what to fix.

The problem with my lawn mower is that I won’t use it but from my question you have no way of determining that.

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OK, let me describe my problem in detail.
There are a lot of designated keys in the macros I downloaded, such as: mod: ctrl Eye Beam, but in the process of running the macro, when I use the ctrl key to use the skill, the skill is not released, but the macro continues to run, I think Ask what the problem is and how to solve it.

Is this mod line in every action? If not it will only fire when the macro gets to this one action.

Also is it before in the order before the non mod lines else the other lines will block it.

I would also check your keybindings. Ctrl may have been reset in last weeks hot fix and need to be cleared.

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I put the mod line in the keyreleases line. I have confirmed that all settings do not have the key specified by “mod”.

This problem occurred in version 3.0.72. I can’t download version 3.0.71 now, so I can’t test it.

The hot fix talked about was a WoW hot fix not a GSE update. WoW had a hot fix to deal with an exploit that affected using a mod key to cast AoE targeted spells @target

There have been no changes to GSE in its entire history that can change how WoW interprets the mod keys. GSE has never been able to do this. Also last update to GSE was 22 days ago - 3.0.73. You will find this issue with every release of GSE.

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It could be a few things.

First, try clearing your keybinds:

If that doesn’t change anything, try to consider the logic process of your macro. For instance, Eye Beam triggers the GCD, so if anything else has triggered the GCD in that specific block of macro code it will fail to even try.