Abruptly stops working in PVP and Dungeons/Raids

Edit: It’s Blizzard’s automatic spec change thing! I think it may be the bane of my existence many times over without me realizing it.

GSE is entirely fine. Blizzard is at fault.

Original post follows:

I don’t even know where to start trouble shooting this. I can do a dungeon and things will be great the whole time. I can do another and the macro will abruptly change to a question mark. No Lua errors, no pop ups. I just suddenly don’t have a rotation anymore so I’m just standing there dying.

Same thing with any form of PVP and/or Raid.

The only place I’ve seen any macro work consistently, be it something I made, or a cookie cutter from these forums, is the open world.

Everywhere else it has a 50/50 chance of leaving me defenseless and useless.

What is going on? Can I fix it? or should I just stop using it?