ACE 3 Gui Panel Widget

@TimothyLuke i see that this hasnt been updated in a long time, but did want to delete til i asked. do we still need this addon? i rather you say yes or no to this, then find out GSE still using it.

i dont recall having that addon installed for along time atleast a few expansions and gse works fine for me

If you want the GSE Macro Viewer to work, I would suggest leaving it alone as its the panel that is in the middle. Its a library hence why it doesn’t change much - its write once use often.

For some people it installs as a library in the GSE folder for others it installs separately.

yeah i see its in my GSE\Lib folder explains why its not showing up in my addon manager

cool, thank you both. i see it as 7.x (sorry not on comp to get the full version number) and thought i would ask for at least my own curiousity. i appreciate the addon and all you do with it Timothy.