Action bar Stops responding after using AHK for a while

Well, the title says it all. When I use AHK, the Action Bar stops responding after a while. I press any other button and does nothing, either clicking or pressing the key.

If I use GSE manually it doesn’ happen, only with AHK. This is the script I’m using:

#ifWinActive World of Warcraft ; Only run if window ‘World of Warcraft’ is active
$1:: ; If e is pressed
$^1:: ; If e+control is pressed
$+1:: ; If e+shift is pressed
$!1:: ; If e+alt is pressed
Loop ; If any of the above is true then loop below
if not GetKeyState(“1”, “P”) ; If E is not pressed then break the loop
if GetKeyState(“LCtrl”, “P”) ; If left control is pressed then send control+e
Send ^1
else if GetKeyState(“LShift”, “P”) ; If left shift is pressed then send shift+e
Send +1
else if GetKeyState(“LAlt”, “P”) ; If left alt is pressed then send alt+e
Send !1
Send 1 ; If 1 is pressed with no other modifiers send 3
sleep 70 ; Time in milliseconds between key repeats

Does anyone have an idea of why would that be? It would be great to use AHK again, pressing “1” constantly puts too much strain on my hands…

i used to get that problem cuz the macros i used had necklace casting and i didnt have necklace yet. not sure if thats the same reason yours is locking up.