Additional space being added after save

Hey guys,

I dabble in writing my own as well as using others from the site but am having a weird issue with certain lines. This happens whether I copy and paste or type it out. I searched for any similar issues and couldn’t find anything so I apologize if this has been covered:

When typing this line, /castsequence [nochanneling,exists] reset=target Hunter’s Mark, null, GSE always puts a double space between target and Hunter’s.

This has happened on other lines as well but this is my most recent example. I got this from another macro here so it must work but it doesn’t make sense that, after I save, it adds an extra space in there rendering it useless.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

The extra space is not the problem there. You can have an unlimited number of spaces anywhere in your macro between things.

You’re fighting a broken castsequence implementation. Good luck with that - you are going to need it: castsequence is broken for 90% of players and Blizzard has no intention of fixing it. They don’t want you using castsequence with a null to only use an ability once. This is a decision they want you the player to make not your macro. For some people this works but for most it doesn’t.

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unfortunately since after legion the blizzard is ruining the use of addon gse for several factors, castsequence that no longer work as well as use of some skills that before we could put directly in keypress, see hunter bm where in keypress you typed the 2 cd bestial wrath aspect of wilde and he used them 100% in coldow always while not now and often gse skips the spells without any logic. for example I am always noticing problems regarding spell priorities where it constantly skips them especially in the more technical classes where they require more complicated rotation. it’s a shame really the game experience so ruined

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Thank you for the insight. I usually do Hunter’s Mark on its own but I thought it could be cool add this in for the few things I use gse for. I am assuming that reset=target couldn’t work with just a simple cast macro.

Thanks for all the work you do!

Mate it’s not ruining GSE. They have ruined Castsequence. This is broken for normal macros and shows the same problems there as in GSE.

There are other ways to achieve what you used to be able to do with castsequence reliably. The information is on this forum repeatedly in that there are a multitude of techniques that can be employed and it takes patience to work out which one is the best fit for you. Unfortunately the key here is “for you” as the factors involved make this individual and not corporate. Think about your problem in different ways and look for alternate ways of achieving that.

Yes reset=target only works with castsequence as there is nothing to reset otherwise.

Blizzard wants you to make the decision to use hunters mark on expiry or target death not a mod or macro so you need to think through other ways of doing this if you want to automate it into your macro. Do you put it into PreMacro ? Do you have it on a mod? do you time the execution of your macro for its refresh? Do you add it to PreMacro and then use GSE’s macro reset keybind when you want to refresh it? Do you use sub macros? The answer is the one that works for you best.

hello tymoti I think I do not understand well, I know very well that it is blizzard that has ruined the castsequence and the priorities of the macros, but clearly it then goes back to the basic addon not making it work properly. would like to know how to get around the problem since you have given the possibility to make them work the same way you can put a trivial example:
/ cast multiple shot
/ cast aimed shot
/ cast multiple shot
/ cast shooting speed.
How do I get it to run as written without jumping?
I would have written
/ castsequence multiple shot, aimed shot
/ castsequence multiple shot, quick shot
but i nthis way it often jumps, how do i make it work then?

By “Basic Addon” I am assuming you mean GSE. It cant. It has to follow the rules that Blizzard sets and that is that its BLIND. It can act but not see if it worked or not. The limits you are after are not available for a mod or macro out of the box so you have to be creative and FIND a solution for yourself.

You are going to have to explore one of these options andspend time experimenting. The detail for each of those is available here: Search results for '' - WoW Lazy Macros ← It’s called “Search” its this new feature that was added to the website about 7 years ago where you can go look for things. It even works!

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BTW the things people “know” about macros they only found through experimentation and accident.

unfortunately I still don’t understand well. what does it mean find the solution if addon only acts that way? there is no solution
if a spell skips there is no way not to make it skip the only way is to use it manually, but then it no longer makes sense to use gse if I have to play it manually no?

No you need to write your macro taking into account the skips (ie expect that it’s going to skip) and factor that into what you are doing. Again the specifics are the solution that will work for you. This isn’t a one size fits all. I can’t tell you what that is as you and I play very differently and there are multiple ways around the problem. The other fact is that when you change gear you may have to adjust your macro again and again.

You have two choices - experiment, search and learn some stuff or complain on forums that it’s too hard please spoon feed me. One of those will help you solve your problem.

GSE performs more accurately and predictably and better when you write a macro that you are manually pressing over allowing for the randomness anyway but what would I know.

The point of GSE is to give you an advanced macro editor to work around the limitations of WoW’s macro interface. GSE doesn’t execute your macro nor does it code your macro. All it does is pass commands to WoW’s macro engine and say please run that. It has no ability to determine if what you are asking it to do will work and nor can it ever know. It can’t break the rules of what macros can do nor can it act outside the limitations WoW imposes. What it does do is give you tools that when you come up against these limitations you can look differently at the problem and create a unique solution.