🐯 Aerrek's BEAST MASTERY Combat System: Sophisticated Macro w/ One-of-a-kind User Interface (WeakAura)! Ready for M+, PvP, Leveling, and Raiding! All talents sequenced!

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:exclamation: REQUIRED: Mouse and Keyboard Setup

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:computer_mouse: Macro Usage Information:


SHIFT: Barbed Shot
CTRL: Multi-shot / Cobra Shot (Beast Cleave talented or not)
ALT (Hold): Hunter’s Mark > Wing Clip or Concussive Shot > Hunter’s Mark

Additional Features

Incorporates a time gated Serpent Sting cast on target swap, if talented.
Auto casts targeted spells and talents at your cursor. See Cursor HUD below…
Auto casts pet abilities.
Misdirects to focus (if exists) then pet.
Auto casts mend pet when exiting combat.
Auto casts Camouflage when exiting combat.

:computer: WeakAura Information:

Click here for more non-specialization specific information about my WeakAuras.

Cursor Cast HUD

Spark: Disengage
Purple Circle: Binding Shot

Trap HUD

Displays available traps.

:star: Recommended Basic Macros:

#showtooltip Freezing Trap
/use [@cursor]Freezing Trap

#showtooltip Tar Trap
/use [@cursor]Tar Trap

#showtooltip Steel Trap
/use [@cursor]Steel Trap

#showtooltip Binding Shot
/use [@cursor]Binding Shot

#showtooltip Aspect of the Turtle
/use Aspect of the Turtle

#showtooltip Feign Death
/use [@player]Freezing Trap
/use Feign Death

:arrow_double_down: Imports

:desktop_computer: Weakaura

:exclamation: Use the Weakaura Companion! I make updates often!

:computer_mouse: Macro (Below)

:white_check_mark: Ready for all of your talent choices:


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What speed you run this at ? I’d give it a try later ^^,

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Tested it.

ilvl 466.38
crit 41%
haste: 25%
Mastery 35%
Vers 9%

6 mill dps run on training dummy: 93.2 k dps with lust, food, rune, flask.

Is around 35-55k lower than the Gimli one… It also does NOT fire off Cobra shot. If you weave that in manually, then it bumps the dps up a bit.

Good attemt tho at a all inclusive, no matter what talents, macro.

Ran at 80ms, with these talents: B0PA5ZKiUcehijAKxoiI1CP3g6AgWSAoQAAAAAAAAAAAoBhEaikQC5AJhmQaRJJRiQoFJJB

Macro seems to hang and wait alot on abilities to be fired of.

thanks for your macro, i however do not play all-in-one macros do not work unfortunately. i have some problems gse does not translate the macro in the language i do not know why

Hey Jasper,

By design it does not autonomously use Cobra Shot. Cobra Shot cannot be efficiently sequenced because it is power based. That’s why my accompanying Weakaura will prompt you to use Cobra Shot when you are approaching focus cap.

As to ‘hanging’ on some abilities: During the initial sequencing of the macro at the start of combat (especially after waiting for all CDs to be ready), it is attempting to cast many spells at once. You’ll notice that during actual gameplay the queue is much smoother. Additionally, the more non-passive talent choices you make will alter this ‘hanging’ period.

If you look into how I setup the Cooldown loops, you’ll notice two loops in particular:

  1. The First loop houses long cooldowns
  2. The Second loop houses shorter 'regular dps’ cooldowns.

As it is more important to prioritize getting your short (10-30sec cooldowns) out first for long term dps, the macro spends more time repeating this loop. It then moves to the longer cooldowns because it’s not as detrimental for a 2min cooldown to be on hold for 1-5sec as it is for a 10 sec cooldown to be on hold for 1-5sec.

You can adjust this priority ratio, if you’d like, by changing the number of times the macro repeats each loop.

  • Note that Priority List Step Functions (short CD loop) take much longer to run than Sequential Step functions (long CDs).

Admittedly, the biggest downside of this macro is that when Beast Cleave is known it will use Multi-shot more regularly, even if you’re doing single target damage. However, this cannot be avoided as GSE cannot detect proximity based targets, especially for ranged DPS.
I’ve countered this by implementing a [known:Beast Cleave] conditional.

I use an array of [known:XXXXX] and [noknown:XXXXX] conditionals to help the macro make smart decisions on priority based casting. This is how I achieve all talents.

Also, I’ve checked out Gimli’s ST macro. I’m achieving the same DPS. (within +/- 3%) so I’m not sure where the 35-55k DPS loss is coming from. That macro functions as a straight sequence (no priority cast looping) with [known] conditionals. Respectfully, it is more rudimentary, which is why I cannot understand the ~30% DPS loss you are experiencing with mine.

Thanks for you feedback! I’ll update the usage description in the future :slight_smile:

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Hey drupollo,

I use [known:XXXXX] and [noknown:XXXXX] conditionals to help the mcaro efficiently decide between rotation priority based on your talent choices. Is there any specific instance of a talent not working in your case? I’d be happy to look into it for you.


Hey Feros,

I’m running this at 50ms.

I think it’s important to understand that the GCD is character specific, based on your gear. Essentially, GSE macros are not ‘timing’ based, they are ‘probability’ based. Long story short, the macro should work at a range of different speeds.

I hope you enjoy and would love to hear your feedback!


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hi mate i gave this a whirl and im getting zero barb shots going off so the dps is very low i also ran it at 50-150ms

I keep hearing about this barbed shot issue but it’s working for me :thinking:

Can you send me your talents?

I went ahead and updated the macro priority loop while testing.

GSE updated :+1:

It’s also not firing for me; my talents are the ones from Wowhead Mythic+ build. It also doesn’t appear to be casting Cobra Shot when I’m holding Shift, only Multi Shot. On a different note, what addons are you using? I’d love to get my WoW to look like that.

I use the archon M+ and raid talents but I just read that comment and cobra isn’t firng only multi as well

just gave it another go and Definity no cobra shot and its only doing multi shot over the cobra and the barbed is falling off with but its in the bar ready to go

@shayu @robadabobada,

When the servers come back up I’ll give it some more attention, figure out whats happening

@shayu, @robadabobada,

I wish I could tell you that I found the source of your issue. No matter what talents I select, the macro seems to be working as intended. If you are still having the issue after update please message me with specifics :slight_smile:

Multi-shot as SHIFT mod if Beast Cleave is known

  • This is a good indicator that you are doing primarily AoE content, also to refresh Beast Cleave buff)

Cobra Shot as SHIFT mod otherwise.


I made huge updates to the GSE and small updates to the WA.

Big changes: Barbed Shot is now on SHIFT and Multi/Cobra are on CTRL. Binding shot has been removed from modifier usage.

Key barbed shot WA triggers are coming straight from wowhead:

Should be a DPS boost :+1:

would one of these combat systems be possible for cata?
one for SV in cata classic would be incredible

Maybe in the future (distant future) I will get around to Cata but for now I have my hands full with creating a system for every Retail spec. :sweat_smile:

Hey Aerrek, your WeakAura links in here goes to shaman :slight_smile:

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Oops :eyes: fixed it

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I played around with this. It’s outperforming the others, including my own BM macros. Nice job.

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I use your fury war macro and it works great. But I’m trying to set up the BM one for my gf and I couldn’t get it to work on hers so I tried the same on mine and it doesn’t work. On hers it just spams mend pet and on mine I just get a Lua Error that says something about CastSpellByName(name[, target])