🍺 Aerrek's BREWMASTER Combat System: Sophisticated Macro w/ One-of-a-kind User Interface (WeakAura)! Ready for M+, PvP, Leveling, and Raiding! All talents sequenced!

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:exclamation: REQUIRED: Mouse and Keyboard Setup

:page_with_curl: Written Instructions or :tv: Video Tutorial

:computer_mouse: Macro Usage Information:


SHIFT: Purifying Brew (Charges = 2 or Heavy Stagger)
CTRL: Expel Harm > Healing Elixir
ALT: Celestial Brew (The lower your health, the fewer Purified Chi required for activation.)
ALT (Friendly Mouseover): Vivify

:computer: WeakAura Information:

Click here for more non-specialization specific information about my WeakAuras.

Cursor Cast HUD

White Glow: Roll
Yellow Ring: Tiger’s Lust

Purified Chi & Stagger HUD

Displays current Purified Chi Stacks (converts to shield with Celestial Brew) and color indicator of current Stagger status.

Recommended Defensives Setup:

Organize defensive abilities from shortest to longest cooldown. You will use these often.

:star:Recommended Basic Macros:

// Mobility
/use Roll
/use Tiger's Lust

// Detox
/use [@mouseover,help][@player]Detox

:arrow_double_down: Imports

:desktop_computer: Weakaura

:exclamation: Use the Weakaura Companion! I make updates often!

:computer_mouse: Macro (Below)

:white_check_mark: Ready for all of your talent choices:


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U are on fire!!!
going to test later.

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Hot shit Aerrek. I’ll let you know how this performs and thank you again!

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Please do,

The Purifying Brew and Celetial Brew WA triggers were a little more complicated to setup given that they are not simply ‘use off CD’ or ‘when health is X’ type spells.

I kind of tuned them to how I thought played best.

Let me know what you think :+1:

Is it normal that the WA continue recommending the use of Oxen beer even when it’s on CD?

No that’s not intened, you can make this small change to the weakaura or update :+1:

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Incredible work, it seems very solid, I’ll test it on higher keys from +5 later, I’ll post better feedback soon. Thanks @Aerrek_WoW


@Aerrek_WoW I have a few considerations, perhaps to improve the overall macro gameplay and to make the Macro Auto AI better maybe:

-Is casting Expel Harm together with Purifying Brew whenever the stagger is between 30-50% feasible?
-The dps curve seems to be very good, but the passive HoT doesn’t seem to be very good (I haven’t identified it yet, or at least I haven’t been able to see what’s going on) in large packs.

It may be that the above items are more of my gamestyle, but I think we all resort to macro in order to have as little interaction with keys as possible and only use the main defensive ones to fire manually.

For the rest, I’ve been tanking +5 and +6 OK, but I think if the points above are adjusted, they’ll become more perfect for risking up to +9 maybe?!

No more, nice job and thank u! That’s all the Brews community needs!

Note that Moderate Stagger is 30%-59%, that’s the aura I have to use for the trigger.

Current Triggers:

Purifying Brew:

  1. Purifying Brew charges = 2.
  2. Heavy Stagger is found.

Current Expel Harm:

  1. Health below 30%.

To clarify, you are requesting:

Purified Brew:

  1. Purifying Brew charges = 2.
  2. Moderate Stagger or Heavy Stagger is found.

Expel Harm:

  1. Health below 30%.
  2. Moderate Stagger or Heavy Stagger is found.

My thoughts:

For Purified Brew, are you worried about over usage on Moderate Stagger and not having one available when you might really needed it (with Heavy Stagger)?

For Expel Harm, are you worried about early usage in the case that you have Moderate Stagger or Heavy Stagger but are still at near full health?

If I miss understood, lmk :+1:

Also, what do you mean by passive HoT? :eyes:

@Aerrek_WoW Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough, English is not my main language.

For the two scenarios you presented, it’s option 2.

Moderate Stagger or Heavy Stagger is found.

I’ve been feeling that maybe (I repeat maybe it’s my gameplay), the charges are coming in too early and when the damage really comes (by the moderate and heavy stagger) I don’t have Purifying Brew charges, having to risk using Black Ox Brew more often.

For expel harm it’s exactly as you said, I realize that maybe the trigger is coming in too early.

Thank you very much for trying to understand me and help us.

I salute you!

P.S.: Heal over time, HoT, was an expression to say that perhaps the mitigation is going in earlier than it should and not working properly “on time”.


what build does this use; as i do get LUA error with this.

Ive experienced this many times with other macros since i returned, and it was pointed out to me that the build is missing something that the macro has.

could you link a build that you are using that doesnt cause the LUA error?

thank you

Can you message me a screenshot of the error? With my UI I don’t see errors :confused:

If it’s because the build is missing something that the macro has, that could be because my macro is trying to cast abilities that you have not learned yet or are not talented into

Everyone, WA and GSE upgraded and updated

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I can only thank you for your wonderful work.

Although in single target/boss encounters, I prefer to use GauPanda’s macro, yours was crucial for the AOE moments.

Thank you very much.


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@Jeffz Thats awesome! If I could pin this post I would :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

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So I have used one or two others of yours, they all work fine. This one, does not seem to work and I cannot for the life of me figure out why. I even went through disabling blocks to figure out what the deal was…still nothing.


Hmmm… :thinking:

What specifically is not working for you? The entire thing? :eyes:

If that’s the case, I’d first start with reimporting both the WA and GSE then ensure that you are using my macro and not some one else’s by accident.

It was the trinkets. I unchecked those boxes and it started working. Thanks. I probably should have updated my post.

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