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:email: Message from the author,

  • My combat systems are designed to maintain maximum specialization effectiveness by incorporating manual casts for events like procs, DoTs, defensive & offensive casts, power spending abilities, etc…
  • They require you to use my highly developed macros and WeakAuras.
  • I have integrated the power of GSE and WeakAuras to provide you with a highly competent user interface substitution.
  • I use an array of macro conditionals to alter GSE sequencing; ensuring maximum effectiveness based on your specific talent selections.
  • I reference WoW Head, Icy Veins, and Method to ensure maximum class effectiveness and utility.

:exclamation: REQUIRED:

:computer_mouse: Mouse and Keyboard Setup

:page_with_curl: Written Instructions or :tv: Video Tutorial

:desktop_computer: WeakAuras Addon

Click here to download WeakAuras.
Click here to view my Wago (WeakAuras) profile.

:clipboard: Systems Catalog

:arrow_double_down: Check back often for updates to your specialization!
:star: = New / Updated Recently
:bar_chart: Click here to request your specialization if it is not yet available.

:skull: Death Knight

:white_check_mark: Blood 10.2.7 • 09JUN24
:x: Frost
:x: Unholy

:japanese_ogre: Demon Hunter

:x: Havoc
:white_check_mark: Vengeance 10.2.7 • 09JUN24

:paw_prints: Druid

:x: Balance
:x: Feral
:white_check_mark: Guardian 10.2.7 • 09JUN24
:x: Restoration

:dragon_face: Evoker

:x: Augmentation
:white_check_mark: Devastation 10.2.7 • 10JUN24
:x: Preservation

:bow_and_arrow: Hunter

:white_check_mark: Beast Mastery 10.2.7 • 09JUN24
:x: Marksmanship
:x: Survival

:man_mage: Mage

:x: Arcane
:white_check_mark: Fire 10.2.7 • 09JUN24
:x: Frost

:yin_yang: Monk

:white_check_mark: Brewmaster 10.2.7 • 09JUN24
:x: Mistweaver
:x: Windwalker

:raised_hands: Paladin

:x: Holy
:white_check_mark: Protection 10.2.7 • 09JUN24
:x: Retribution

:latin_cross: Priest

:x: Discipline
:x: Holy
:white_check_mark: Shadow 10.2.7 • 09JUN24

:ninja:t2: Rogue

:x: Assassination
:white_check_mark: Outlaw 10.2.7 • 09JUN24
:x: Subtlety

:woman_elf:t5: Shaman

:x: Elemental
:white_check_mark: Enhancement :star: 10.2.7 • 15JUN24
:white_check_mark: Restoration 10.2.7 • 09JUN24

:smiling_imp: Warlock

:x: Affliction
:white_check_mark: Demonology 10.2.7 • 09JUN24
:x: Destruction

:crossed_swords: Warrior

:white_check_mark: Arms :star: 10.2.7 • 15JUN24
:white_check_mark: Fury 10.2.7 • 09JUN24
:x: Protection

:desktop_computer: WeakAura Information

Center Display

Follow the on-screen modifier prompts while running the macro.
:arrow_right: Non-modifier prompts require you to use your standard action keys.

Screenshot 2024-05-27 105608 Screenshot 2024-05-27 110147 Screenshot 2024-05-27 110051 Screenshot 2024-05-27 105745
Each system has a unique style style that complements class aesthetic.
Chosen fonts are preinstalled with WoW.


  1. Imminent (sequenced) abilities that the player should be aware of; positional importance, mobility restricts, etc…
  2. Manual casts for events like interrupts, dispels, group buffs, range warnings, etc…

Progress Bars

Large progress bars display major buffs that you should be aware of.

Small progress bars display minor notifications that you should be aware of.

Utility HUD

Displays a variety of specialization specific crowd control effects.
Disable / Enable: “Utility HUD” > Load Tab > :white_check_mark: Never

Cursor HUD

Visual display of mobility abilities and alerts the user of cursor / mouseover casts.
Each specialization’s Cursor HUD usage varies.

:question:Frequently Asked Questions

How should I configure my Auto Hot Key?

I develop my macros using 20 clicks/sec (50ms). You can use a slower click rate if you would prefer.
:exclamation: NOTE: Anything slower than 15 clicks/sec (~66ms) will break the mounting feature.

How should I configure up my Razer Synapse profile?

What do I do if the macro or WeakAura is not working properly?

  1. Export your talent string and send it to me on the specialization post or as a direct message.
  2. Inform me of your what character’s level was when you first noticed the issue.

How does the mounting system work?

Click here for more information about the MOUNT variable.

:grin::+1: Thank you!

I’ve dedicated hundreds of hours into learning how each specialization works, theory crafting interface strategies, developing and testing their macros and WeakAuras, and sharing them with you!

I do my absolute best and take great care to maintain high craftsmanship, to leave no stone unturned, and to take no shortcuts in providing you with a high quality result! I’m very proud of the work I’ve done and love to hear your feedback!

If you are feeling generous, consider supporting my work on my Buy Me a Coffee page!

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Thank you so much for this post makes things alot simpler and keeps it organized i appreciate your time a ton!

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Hopefully for you and I both!

Your weakauras are freaken amazing for procs. I like that it’s like HEY YOU, USE THAT DAMN BUTTON NOW.

<3 <3 <3

procs are so hard to track right.

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Do you happen to have any macros for Classic Cata?