🖱️ Aerrek's Combat Systems: Mouse and Keyboard Setup

:page_with_curl: Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Bind an unused keyboard key (I use Num +) to the mouse button you would like to hold to run the macro . Other good options are ` , \ , or the F# keys.

  2. In-game, assign your selected keyboard key to four unused actionbar slots. One with no modifier and one for each modifier combination. See image…
    image :arrow_right: image

  3. Use your mouse’s software to enable auto click your mouse button.
    :grey_question: You now activate your action bar slot with your mouse button.
    :computer_mouse: My macros are developed at 20clicks/sec (50ms).

  4. Place my GSE macro into all four actionbar slots. See image…
    image :arrow_right: image

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ You did it!

:exclamation: NOTE: Fast click rates have been correlated with the loss of account privileges. Never toggle & forget! Use GSE responsibly. WLM moderators suggest 4-5 clicks/sec (250-200ms). May effect macro performance.

Mouse Software Quick Links: Logitech | Razer | Corsair

My Razer Synapse:

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:exclamation: My macros are developed at 20clicks/sec (50ms)

You should never go below 250 - 200 msec, thats a golden rule for have a minimum of security towards the user.

Anyway, thats not why im here :grimacing:

I saw your macros and I see that you have created and invested a lot of time.

Pretty much peak, very helpful towards de players and that we aporeciate it.

If youre a TIM Patreon ( addon Developer ) , you should STOP already making macros for retail .

Because everything is changed ( Thanks blizzard for that ) new brand GSE and the way of creating macros HAS totally changed.

From the love and time you have spent creating everything towards the users, my personal advice is to start working on the beta now ( and in a month prepatch with systems changes ).

I had been thinking about telling you this for a while.

I do mind your work , better put your resources in the right place :muscle::+1:.

And of course love your macros :heart:


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I couldn’t agree more and obviously this has been on my mind!

I’ve been pushing and pushing, have learned a ton, and feel like I’ve built a great foundation on how I’m going to approach this in the future.

I’ve only recently learned (within the past month) of the big changes to addons and with GSE being no exception. Bummer.

I’m excited for what’s to come and we all appreciate the words of concern. I will update the description to better inform the user.

Thanks :+1:

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Awesome !!! Glad you re already jumped on wave.


Uh oh this doesn’t sound good

Start there and then read the other linked post,

We will rebuild :saluting_face:

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Yeah setup 20 clicks per second. It’s gonna be bannable. Every macro clicker are bannable doesn’t matter it’s 1-5-10 clicks per second. Or it’s safe and it’s some method to use it safety??


he safest way to use a clicker, in my opinion, is to always always use it with a manual “hold to click” function rather than a “toggle on/off” function.

I’m no Blizz employee, just a guy who makes macros, but I’ve had no problems with 20/sec with GSE. ~1,000 hrs+.

Some of the longer GSE users suggest no more than 5 clicks/sec. I’ve found that by squeezing more actions within a GCD window that I can but more ‘cool features’ into each macro. That’s why I run them so fast.