😈 Aerrek's DEMONOLOGY Combat AI || Advanced [MOD]ifier Macro & Usage Weakaura! || One of a kind! || Leveling, M+, PvP, Raiding || All talents known! || 10.2.6 • 07APR24

:exclamation: Important:

  • My macros are designed to maintain maximum efficiency by incorporating manual casts for events like procs, DoTs, and power cap spenders. They require you to use my highly developed Weakauras.
  • I have integrated the power of GSE and Weakauras to provide you with a highly competent gameplay experience.
  • I use an array of [known:xxxxx] and [noknown:xxxxx] conditionals to alter GSE sequencing; ensuring maximum efficiency based on your talent selections.
    • I reference Icy Veins, WoW Head, & Method.gg to ensure maximum class utility.

:exclamation: How to play your character with a single mouse button:

    1. Bind an unused mouse button to an unused keyboard key (I use ‘Num +’).
    1. Enable auto click on your mouse button (this now auto clicks on your key bind).
    1. Bind four unused action bar slots to the keyboard key you bound to your mouse; one for the unmodified key, and three for each modifier (NOMOD, SHIFT, CTRL, and ALT). See image…
    1. Drag and drop my macro to each key. This enables use of all modifiers on a single mouse button.


Screenshot 2024-04-04 225037

Screenshot 2024-04-04 225155Screenshot 2024-04-04 225130


:star: Weakaura → Wago

:star: GSE Macro (:white_check_mark: Ready for all of your talent choices):


:star: Simple Macros:

  • Healthstones & Drain Life
/use [nocombat,group] Create Soulwell
/use [nocombat,nogroup] Create Healthstone
/use Drain Life
/use Healthstone
  • Demonic Gateway
#showtooltip Demonic Gateway
/use Soulburn
/use [@cursor]Demonic Gateway
  • Fear Mouseover > Focus > Target
/use [@mouseover,harm,exists][@focus,harm,exists][@target]Fear

GSE Macro Usage Information:

  • SHIFT: Demonbolt
  • CTRL: Hand of Gul’dan
  • ALT (Hold): Cycle Through Curses

Weakaura Usage Information:

// Primary Display Combat Priority:

  • Follow the On-Screen [MOD]ifier Prompts
  • Some Casts will require you to know your action keys!
  • Reference ‘Triggers’ for rotation priority or ask (comment) below! :slight_smile:

// Defensive, Offensive, & Utility Animation HUDs:

  • How to Disable: Core > Animation HUD > Group > ‘Load’ Tab > :white_check_mark: Never
  • Change [KB] to your key binds, or remove text entirely, if you prefer.

// Cursor Cast HUD

  • Visually indicates when to aim your cursor for targeted spells and talents.

// Active Curse HUD

  • Displays active curse on target.
  • Visual indicator will suggests curse usage as follows:
    – Curse of Weakness: target is <= 8yd
    – Curse of Agony: when target is casting
    – Curse of Exhaustion: target is <= 8yd

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please link talent and gse not traduction

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Hey drupollo, I’ve updated the GSE string to include talents, although it should work with any talents you choose. Not sure what you mean by “gse not traduction”, assuming you mean it is not working? Try again now that I’ve updated and let me know if you have any problems.

What talent did you use ?

I have added this → Demonology Warlock DPS Spec, Builds, and Talents - Dragonflight 10.2.6 - World of Warcraft - Icy Veins - But im not sure its same talents as yours :smiley:

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The macro and Weakaura are ready for any talents you select. I use [isknown:XXX] and [noknown:XXX] conditionals to determine how the macro operates.

Use any talents you want, my macro and Weakaura can handle it.
If you have any discrepancies let me know

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