😈 Aerrek's DEMONOLOGY Combat System: Sophisticated Macro w/ One-of-a-kind User Interface (WeakAura)! Ready for M+, PvP, Leveling, and Raiding! All talents sequenced!

Version: 10.2.7 • 09JUN24

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:exclamation:For information on what my combat systems are, how to setup your mouse and keyboard to use my systems, specialization requests and availability, troubleshooting, or WeakAura information, click the link above!

This is the one that started it all! :smiling_imp:

:computer_mouse: Macro Usage Information:


SHIFT: Demonbolt
CTRL: Hand of Gul’dan
ALT (Hold): Cycle Curses

:computer: WeakAura Information:

Click here for more non-specialization specific information about my WeakAuras.

Cursor Cast HUD

Visually indicates when to aim your cursor for targeted spells and talents.

Active Curse HUD

Displays active curse on target.
Visual indicator will suggests curse usage as follows:

Curse of Weakness: Target <= 8yd
Curse of Agony: Target is casting.
Curse of Exhaustion: Target <= 8yd

:star:Recommended Basic Macros:

// Healthstones & Drain Life
/use [nocombat,group] Create Soulwell
/use [nocombat,nogroup] Create Healthstone
/use Drain Life
/use Healthstone

// Demonic Gateway
#showtooltip Demonic Gateway
/use Soulburn
/use [@cursor]Demonic Gateway

// Fear Mouseover > Focus > Target
/use [@mouseover,harm,exists][@focus,harm,exists][@target]Fear

:arrow_double_down: Imports

:desktop_computer: Weakaura

:exclamation: Use the Weakaura Companion! I make updates often!

:computer_mouse: Macro (Below)

:white_check_mark: Ready for all of your talent choices:


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please link talent and gse not traduction

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Hey drupollo, I’ve updated the GSE string to include talents, although it should work with any talents you choose. Not sure what you mean by “gse not traduction”, assuming you mean it is not working? Try again now that I’ve updated and let me know if you have any problems.

What talent did you use ?

I have added this → Demonology Warlock DPS Spec, Builds, and Talents - Dragonflight 10.2.6 - World of Warcraft - Icy Veins - But im not sure its same talents as yours :smiley:

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The macro and Weakaura are ready for any talents you select. I use [known:XXX] conditionals to determine how the macro operates.

Use any talents you want, my macro and Weakaura can handle it.
If you have any discrepancies let me know

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So far i’m using this on a brand new toon. It’s working pretty good for a noob like me. The added WA alerts is very nice touch. I’ve also used your DH and BM ones too. Thanks for this!

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No problem happy to hear it’s helping out

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Well i think i got it right?


Now trying to figure out why it wont implode/tyrant at 389 im doing 56k so something is wrong. Also what ms are we supposed to be running at?

Hey @dhlover69,

So for the ms, GSE is probability based not timing based so anything fast should work. I use 20/sec.

As to Implosion and Tyrant: When you see image, image, image, or any other non-modifier prompt you will need to manually cast these spells.

I do by best to put the most commonly used / intuitive spells on the [mod]ifier buttons but there are only three.

Lmk if that didn’t answer your question :upside_down_face:

So dps is actually pretty good my old question is why does it say to stop casting randomly does this mean to turn off the macro or?

Also seems to have downtime a bit is that normal on demo?

also still working on what ms to run at for logitech

image pops up when you held image too long and are now hard casting Demon Bolt.

Just take a step forward with your character quick!

As for the downtime: When you’re not holding a modifier you are casting Shadow Bolt build soul shards. :slight_smile:

MS shouldn’t matter, just somthing that’s fast. I use 20/sec

can this be used with ahk scripts? instead of a mouse

I’m sure that’s possible! Just know that I have @cursor events with reminder visuals that will require you to place our cursor over the enemy. Bile scourge Bombers and Guillotine come to mind. One PvP talents too I think

i just dont know how to setup a mouse to do this. i have a standrad mouse

also im having issues importing as well. i copy code and import but nothing. my gse is updated as well. i had to purge some old macros in gse. now it works fine. weird

You need a mouse that can define keyboard functions for a mouse key. In other words, basically the mouse key will be associated with a key on the keyboard, and every time you press the mouse key, it’s the same as if you clicked the same key 20 times, for example. Both the Logitech 502 Spectrum and the Razer Naga X have this functionality.

Thanks to Aerrek’s macros, I’ve enjoyed the game again, since I don’t have to try to press 50 keys at the same time, while at the same time paying attention to the boss and knowing the dungeons’ movements. The game is much easier to enjoy.

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@kdfsaint I’m really happy to hear that the game is more enjoyable with my systems!

I believe that I’m developing a ‘better way to play’ that can sustain veteran players and attract new ones!

With WoW being 20+ years, each spec now has so many abilities that I think it deters new players. Why put in the trouble when there are so many other games to choose from?

I hope that with the systems I have in place that both noobs and veteran players can enjoy the game again. :slight_smile:


If you’re using a standard mouse I’d recommend trying to bind your Middle Click Button. I’m not sure what software you’ll need though.

Took me forever to configurate everything xP but I learned a lot about Keybinds, auto-click … Macro works like charm after I translated it to my mother-tongue ^^ and weakaura helps a lot to learn the rotation - so thanks :smiley:


@Kiyuga89 Happy to help, this is the one that started it all! I was Demo main so it had to be good xD

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