🐪 Aerrek's Mounting Variable: Usage Information

Hello everyone,

Below is the mounting variable I am using in all of my macros.

/use [mod:ALT,nomounted,outdoors,nocombat]  Grand Expedition Yak
/use [mod:ALT,nomounted,outdoors,nocombat]  Traveler's Tundra Mammoth
/click [nomod,nomounted,outdoors,nocombat] MountJournalSummonRandomFavoriteButton
/castsequence [advflyable,mounted]   reset=1  Skyward Ascent, Second Wind, Second Wind, Second Wind, Second Wind, Second Wind, Second Wind, Second Wind, Second Wind, Second Wind, Second Wind
/use [advflyable,mounted,flying]  Surge Forward

Usage Information:

  • You will automatically mount when outdoors and out of combat via the Summon Favorite Mount Button.
  • Set your favorite mounts via the collections menu (Shift+P).

Advanced Flying / Dragon Riding:

Vendor Mounts

  • Hold ALT to summon your vendor mount, if known.
  • Summons Grand Expedition Yak or Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth, respectively.

Remove from GSE Macro

  • Find the repeat block with the “MOUNT” variable and remove the entire block.
    I usually place it at the top.

Implementation for Macro Developers

  1. Create a new variable, “MOUNT”.
  2. Copy and paste macro from above.
  3. Create a Repeat block that repeats after X clicks (I use 15). It’s important that the ‘repeat after’ number is less than the # of clicks per second for proper Skyward Ascent usage.
  4. Put the MOUNT variable in the repeat block alone.

This does not work for me without a target. Have I done something wrong?


This variable does not check for a target, harmful or not. If you are combining it with other variables it may act differently. Maybe that’s causing the issue?

I’d put it in a repeat block on top by itself, MOUNT variable, alone.

I just realized I had require target set on in the options. It’s working fine now.

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