Aerrek's OUTLAW with Combo Spending Mods + Weakaura! [OLD FORMAT / NOT LIKE MY NEW ONES]

:exclamation: This is my very first post here on WLM and I won’t be supporting this particular GSE / Macro anymore. I’ll have the version of OUTLAW that I am more known for posted soon.

Highly Efficient! Great for leveling! Does everything you want it to without wasting combo points! VERY EASY TO USE! :slight_smile:

SHIFT for Dispatch
– Hold for Dispatch, Ambush repeater
CTRL for Between the Eyes
ALT for Slice and Dice

  • Each modifier is on a /castsequence with a 1 second reset to avoid wasting combo points

Focus Tank for Tricks of the Trade



Would like to test this one, but do you have a talent import?
I imported your Macro, but that doesn’t have a talent string either.

Hey Aszmoday,

Here is the talent import string I’ve been using.


My skills with GSE and weakauras have improved greatly since making this post, as this was my first post here ever. Keep an eye out for a new and much more improved version from me! (I’m doing every spec so it takes time :sweat_smile:)


Hi i am totally new with rogue, so far i like you macro :slight_smile:

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@rene_van_der_bos awesome happy to hear it m8

your weak aura inst working with outlaw— the shift/cntl/alt prompts u have on your others WA do no show.

the onyl thing showing are the combo points

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@punahou, this was my very first post here. I guess you can consider it an ‘alpha stage’ of what I make now. Eventually I’ll delete this post and put up the new, better, style I’m making!

This was more of a test run

aha ty
the ones that do work are innovative

i havent figured out the mod bind thingie, so i jsut use keyboard to activate them.

I don’t know what happens with this macro because when I activate any interface addon it gives RELOADUI when pressing the button and without the UI addons it works fine. It’s just with this macro, I’ve already tested several and there’s no such problem.

Sorry about my English

Hey @Lucar77,

Firstly this is my very first post here on WLM and I won’t be supporting this particular GSE / Macro anymore. Soon I’ll have the new versions I’m making and will delete / update this post.

For your ReloadUI issue, I’m not sure exactly what’s going on because I’ve never implemented /reload or /reloadui into my macros. My weakaura wouldn’t cause this either.

There are some other great creators here that have decent macros as well, if mine is not working for you :+1:

Again, soon I’ll have a much more improved version of OUTLAW

Yours is perfect for my style of play, the leveling was very good and I really appreciate it. There’s just this little inconvenience and I don’t know what it could be.

Anyway, I thank you and I will follow your macros.

Oh! Sorry for the google English ;D

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Any word on the new macro? Loved the old one, tweaked it a lil bit for my playstyle. looking forward to seeing the new one!

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The new one is going to be 10x better. I’m working on every spec, about 1/4 of the way done (they take a while). Currently prioritizing the highest requested ones which you can vote for here:


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sounds good waiting for this rogue combat one

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Coming very soon