♻️ Aerrek's RESTORATION Combat System: Sophisticated Macro w/ One-of-a-kind User Interface (WeakAura)! Ready for M+, PvP, Leveling, and Raiding! All talents sequenced!

Version: 10.2.7 • 09JUN24

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:exclamation:For information on what my combat systems are, how to setup your mouse and keyboard to use my systems, specialization requests and availability, troubleshooting, or WeakAura information, click the link above!

:computer_mouse: Macro Usage Information:

:tv: Demonstration Video


No Modifiers & No Friendly Mouseover

Damage Rotation

Mouseover Healing:

NOMOD: Riptide > Healing Wave
SHIFT: Healing Surge
CTRL: Chain Heal
ALT: Earth Shield > Water Shield

No Mouseover Healing:

SHIFT: Unleash Life, Healing Rain, Downpour
CTRL: Healing / Cloudburst Totem
ALT: Primordial Wave (@focus)

Additional Features:

Flame Shock > Frost Shock on target swap.
Unleash Life coupled with Healing Rain.
Automatic Earth Shield focus upon exiting combat.
Automatic Ghost Wolf when exiting combat.
Continuous Totemic Projection at cursor.

:computer: WeakAura Information:

Click here for more non-specialization specific information about my WeakAuras.

Cursor Cast HUD

White Orbs: Riptide Charges
Blue Orb: Healing Rain
Green Orb: Unleash Life

Cloudburst Totem Timer

Audible Warning at <5 sec remaining.

:star:Recommended Basic Macros:

// Wind Rush Totem
/use [@cursor]Wind Rush Totem

// Purify / Purge
/use [@mouseover,help][help]Purify Spirit
/use Purge

:arrow_double_down: Imports

:desktop_computer: Weakaura

:exclamation: Use the Weakaura Companion! I make updates often!

:computer_mouse: Macro (Below)

:white_check_mark: Ready for all of your talent choices:


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i watched your youtube vid about your mouse and keybinding setup… would you be willing to share your razer Synapes setup so we can import it?

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Hey @Agonistic,

I’m not really sure how to do that, it looks like I’d have to host a file somewhere.

But simply, this is my setup on Razer Synapse:

you would goto the macro and hit the … next to the macro and hit Export. then you can post the file and we can import it into ours. i really appreciate your quick response.

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When I ‘Export’ it creates a .synapse file and I can’t post files on this site :confused:

If it were a text thread it’d be no prob

ahh gotcha its alright ill just copy what you have above.

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I gave that a try, really nice concept, with the WA etc, I will use for sure. Are you planning on doing something for other healers as well? Healers macros seems to be quite rare and hard to make them. That’s the only way I can play a bit of healing, let me know if you have plans on that. Cheers.

Hey @Boymagia,

Yes I do plan on doing other healers; I plan on doing every spec!

Also yes, this system was the absolute most difficult one I’ve made yet, x10. I wanted to get at least one healing spec out of that way, I’m happy I started with this. I’m thinking this is one of the most difficult specs in the game to macro.

Healer macros are rare, especially ones that do damage as well.

I’m really happy with how it came out, run a few follower dungeons with it and you’ll have the hang of it in no time!


Hi, could you make a video to thie part" * 1. Bind an unused mouse button to an unused keyboard key (I use ‘Num +’).

    1. Enable auto click on your mouse button (this now auto clicks on your key bind).
    1. Bind four unused action bar buttons to the keyboard key you bound to your mouse; one for the unmodified key, and three for each modifier (NOMOD, SHIFT, CTRL, and ALT). See image…
    1. Drag and drop my macro to each key. This enables use of all modifiers on a single mouse button. See image…"

I dont get it

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Hey @Kenearos_Kene,

I actually have a video! It’s near the top of the post, above the instructions, “Video Tutorial”.


Maybe i havent seen it, how you distributed the macros… Tank you. i will watch again. :kissing_heart:

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So… I got the buttons like you advised… but somehow, the only cast is Flameshock :frowning:

I think I found the source of the issue and made this alteration to the macro:

My guess is that you did not have Frost Shock talented so the /castsequence wasnever moving onto the next spell (Frost Shock).

If this did not fix the issue, please:

  1. Let me know what level your character was when you first noticed the issue
  2. Send me your talent export


Hi Aerrek,

want to try out your macro but can not find several spells / talents in my Restoration build.
Can you please post your talents?

Thx in advance

Hey @Dreammn,

Click here to check out WoW Head’s talent imports. That’s what I was using when setting up this system.

Also, I going to return to this system in the near future and give the macro a big rework. I’ve learned a lot since developing this one! Current one runs great but with what I know now, it could be a lot better!

Please, if you have any issues or suggestions, feel free to lmk :+1:

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Hi , thank you for the macro , the dps part and the No Mouseover Healing work great but for the Mouseover Healing , whenever i hover my mouse to the party member on the unitframe it doesn’t do anything ,my char just stand still without doing anything.

You might have the macro set to a mouse button. Trying setting it to like number 1 - 0 and see if that works.

Hi., thank you , I switched to number 1 and it works for Riptide , but when I hold control , alt , or shift and hover the party frame my character just stop casting .

alt - doesnt work anymore since they changed the self casting

Shift - Turn off Shift for autoloot, and if you are using Elvui, Under the ActionBars Tab there is another Tab called General. Click that and you will see a setting called “Pick Up Action Key”. Set that to None. Can also Unnbind the keybind that is using Shift + 1

Ctrl - Unbind the keybind that is using Ctrl + 1