😈 Aerrek's VENGEANCE Combat System: Sophisticated Macro w/ One-of-a-kind User Interface (WeakAura)! Ready for M+, PvP, Leveling, and Raiding! All talents sequenced!

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:grey_question: For information on what my combat systems are, how to use them, specialization requests and availability, troubleshooting, or WeakAura information, click the link above!

:exclamation: REQUIRED: Mouse and Keyboard Setup

:page_with_curl: Written Instructions or :tv: Video Tutorial

:computer_mouse: Macro Usage Information:


SHIFT: Soul Cleave
CTRL: Spirit Bomb
ALT (Harmful Mouseover): Infernal Strike / The Hunt

:computer: WeakAura Information:

Click here for more non-specialization specific information about my WeakAuras.

Cursor Cast HUD

Green Circle: Infernal Strike
Pink Circle: Vengeful Retreat
Blue Circle: The Hunt
Blue Sigil: Sigil of Silence
Pink Sigil: Sigil of Misery

Sigil HUD

Screenshot 2024-03-26 100750
Available Sigils

:star:Recommended Basic Macros:

// Sigil of Mastery
/use [@cursor] Sigil of Misery

// Sigil of Silence
/use [@cursor] Sigil of Silence

:arrow_double_down: Imports

:desktop_computer: Weakaura

:exclamation: Use the Weakaura Companion! I make updates often!

:computer_mouse: Macro (Below)

:white_check_mark: Ready for all of your talent choices:


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what do the faces mean in the weak aura im not 100% on it, do they tell you when to cast spirit bomb ect as on of the icons in the pic says interupt
but when i use it the face come on but nothign else

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The faces are designed to give you a heads up before Fel Consecration spell casts so that you can face your player in the direction of the most enemies. It’s grey when it’s off cooldown and will be cast soon.

Purple Smile means Metamorphosis is off cooldown and Red Smile means that you are in Metamorphosis; so you can take a lot more damage.

Spirit bomb usage is not related to the background animations.

Also, the interrupt prompt appears when when the enemy target is casting and you interrupt is off CD. It too has no relation to the visuals.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ve updated the description.

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thanx mante loving the macro so, seems to be the one that works best for me atm

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So happy to hear it, I’m developing a GSE + Weakaura combo for every spec but it takes so much time (abt 20 hours per spec)! I really put a lot into making sure the final product is ‘developer quality’.

Thanks m8

@Aerrek_WoW I tested it on my DH — what an incredible macro! I think on the Combat AI HUD idea really interesting. Congratulations on this amazing macro.

Without wanting to be too forward, do you have plans to expand it to other classes? I’d be really interested in seeing it for Guardian and/or Feral Druid.

Thank you so much for your wonderful work!

Hey @Jeffz,

I absolutely plan to make more combat systems! Goal is to have every spec. They take a long time to create! I currently have: Demo WL, Fire Mage, BM Hunter, PROT Pally, and Fury warr is coming soon (prob today).

It’s great to hear that the system is working out well for you! This was my first system and I expect many updates to come to it as I’ve gotten much better with GSE & WA since creating this one.

Thanks for the compliment! I’ll prioritize guardian druid next. :bear:

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sweet, with the ui what does the colours mean for the mods lek the ctrl when its red / blue also will you have a havoc macro coming?

Hey @robadabobada,

Yes, I’m trying to get every spec but they take a ton of time to create. The Havoc GSE + WA is in the works. I have a few requests prioritized ahead of that but I’ll add it to my queue.:sweat_smile:

Blue CTRL = Metamorphosis INACTIVE
* Uses Spirit Bomb with >= 4 Soul fragments
Red CTRL = Metamorphosis ACTIVE
* Uses Spirit Bomb with >= 3 Soul Fragments

Also, since I jumped on this spec to remind myself what those were I’ve made big updates to the WA/GSE. Check back tomorrow, I’m gonna update this post soon!

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your a champion mate

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20AUG24: Massive update (both GSE & WA), mainly to the animations. Added PvP talents.

Let me know if you see anything I missed!


Keep it up, the GSE community can only thank you for your wonderful work! Looking forward to the new classes and thanks again!

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@Aerrek_WoW Hi, I want to say thank you for the macro. This is working great for me." :slight_smile:

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Always happy to hear it :smile:

I’m trying to set this up and I’m a little confused. How can I bind a key to four different action bar slots? When I use the in-game keybindings menu and try to bind one action bar slot to the key, it deletes it from the first one when I try to bind it to the next one. I must be misunderstanding something. Thanks!

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Hey @noah-stone,

Near the top of the post I explained how I achieve this:

:exclamation: How to play your character with a single mouse button:

    1. Bind an unused mouse button to an unused keyboard key (I use ‘Num +’).
    1. Enable auto click on your mouse button (this now auto clicks on your key bind).
    1. Bind four unused action bar slots to the keyboard key you bound to your mouse; one for the unmodified key, and three for each modifier (NOMOD, SHIFT, CTRL, and ALT). See image…
    1. Drag and drop my macro to each key. This enables use of all modifiers on a single mouse button.

There may be other creative ways to accomplish this but this is how I do it!

Maybe someone else has a different method they can share? :eyes:

Sorry, that’s the part I’m stuck on. For #3, “Bind four unused action bar slots to the keyboard key you bound to your mouse” – I don’t understand how you do this when you can only bind one key to each action bar.

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Don’t forget the second part of #3, “one for the unmodified key, and three for each modifier (NOMOD, SHIFT, CTRL, and ALT).”

Here is what my in game keybinding interface menu looks like:
I had to chop the image togather, thats why it looks weird.

In other words, I made my computer think that my extra mouse button is “Num +” (with Razer Synapse), then I bound 4 keys to :

  • Num +
  • SHIFT-Num+
  • CTRL-Num+
  • ALT-Num+

Now all I do is hold the mouse button down and press the modifier keys.

AH! That was my issue. Thanks!

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Are you trying to only use only the mouse ? As I have my macro bound to the + key as well but hold the mod keys like shift while spamming the mouse key. Macroed to the + and when the shift appears in the weak aura I would hold that down till it disappears

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