After latest update, I'm now spamming raid leaders with "~~KeyRelease~~" - help?

I’ve tried two different authored macros and getting the same problem


Is there anything I can provide to troubleshoot? I’m on 3.1.25

Delete and reimport the macros.
Don’t touch them or change them in any way till you learn how to edit them.
Always test any macro on a Training Dummy as to see if they’re any errors as your encountering.
If the Author made the mistake wouldn’t it be prudent to contact them personally to fix the error?

Yeah, I thought it might have been an older version, so I went back to x,23 and same issue, so it’s the particular macro. Disregard this and thank you!

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Damn thats a strange bug. The RL must think you’re using a bot or something.

Nah, he’s quite aware I run macros. It’s all good.

ive had that happen as well at various points through out hte years too.
I dont know what causes it

It’s not knowing how to edit a macro properly that causing it.