AHK issues (scenarios)

Hello, am I alone who sometimes has problems with AHK software in combination with GSE?
I will give specific examples

  1. From some weird reason all macros are unusable, nothing happens. If I stop firing through AHK and try to press a key manually (the key where the GSE macro is binded), nothing happened as well. Another key with simple spell works. Maybe its a problem of GSE or problem of windows and not AHK, AHK just firing a key and nothing more. I remember that on 8.3 with an earlier version of gse it didn’t work for me. Maybe will test it with previous versions and let you know here.

  2. AHK causes shift or ctrl or alt in GSE macros not working.

  3. However, I consider the biggest problem to be 151 / 5000

Výsledky překladu

that my mouse suddenly changes its behavior and starts selecting multiple files with one left click (this is preceded by a stop of GSE operation, maybe it is related to point no. 1), and I have to reset the entire AHK. Is it a GSE problem?

Thank you for discussing any other issues you may have, maybe I’m not alone :slight_smile: