AHK Script help with mouse keybind

I am trying to run a AHK script that will press the GSE macro ability multiple times (pretty standard) however, it is bound to Num8 on my mouse but I can’t get AHK to recognize it. And when it does, it just opens loads of windows within WoW.

This is what I tried (I’m noob)

#ifWinActive World of Warcraft ; Only run if window ‘World of Warcraft’ is active
~Numpad8:: ; If Numpad8 is pressed
Loop ; If any of the above is true then loop below
if not GetKeyState(“Numpad8”, “P”) ; If Numpad8 is not pressed then break the loop
Send Numpad8 ; If Numpad8 is pressed with no other modifiers send Numpad8
sleep 250 ; Time in milliseconds between key repeats

Can anyone help?