I seen some posts talking about autohotkey but the thing is I’ve read that using it can get you banned or doesn’t agree with the tos that concerns me, however if you don’t get banned for using it, how do you set it up and is it complicated to use? Thank you.

To be Honnest, I dare to say that I use it.
Even when my Char is linked to this account.

The thing is:
With a Razor Naga for example you have software for it.
You’re able to create macros and set them to your mouse.

Mousebutton5 : When you hold it the key bound to Mousebutton5 presses “Any amount of times” that single button.

Why wouldn’t the people be able to use Autohotkey as an alternative?

Is it 3th party software? Yes
Is it automated? Yes
Is it against the ToS? Yes / No
Do Multiboxers also use it and don’t get banned for it? Yes

(One GM did say he thought it was against the ToS and the other GM was a multiboxer wich had used Autohotkey for a long time and he told me it was not a problem)

They can’t prove you’re using it for the game!

  • Run it as admin!
  • Don’t name the script WoW, World of Warcraft or any other game related name.

This is all the info I can provide you, and if you want to know how to set it up check my MM Hunter Sequencer. (just scroll a bit down on page 1 or just google some other script commands)

Cheers and goodluck,

Tim Roeleveld
Ðarkramz - Silvermoon EU