Alpha Predator - Feral Druid

I didn’t change the Order of the macro - I just fixed it so it would work for everyone here.

Most macros will fall off at 2:30 to 3m because Cooldowns are about to be ready again for a burst window gaining back about 50% of what they lost, then falling off again. Nature of the Macro Beast -

Really the Nature of the beast with any rotation -


Hey guys,

this is a great macro, thanks to the creator.
I only have one problem, I currently only use it to level and it makes me angry that the macro casts regrowth every few seconds. Am I doing something wrong? Every time character goes out of cat form and casts the spell, why? Can you delete this spell? Or am I doing something wrong?

I would really appreciate some help. ^^

Your going to have to take it out of the macro for it to run proper.

It seems every so often when I’m hitting the macro regrowth is cast, and I am taking out of my cat form. I was wondering if I was doing something wrong. Also holding shift and hitting the macro does anything differently I’m sorry I’m kind of new to this. I’m learning to play Druid at high lvl and the macro has really helped

Disable the part of the macro that contains the Regrowth spell block.

Blizzard changed the way this worked a few weeks ago.

Good Morning, I’ve been toying with Feral of late and after being unsuccessful in creating a smooth one myself I tried using this one. I must say, you get my seal of approval. This works quite well. I’ve made the edits to remove the regrowth from the macro all together and a few other changes to incorporate mod keys to handle certain M+ affixes, but other than that, using as is.

Thanks for your fine work.

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which one are u useing the og poster or scary?

OG one that I slightly edited

Nothing to do with Regrowth, this is an excellent macro. Just one question, when editing I remarked several “null” that are red. I usually delete when it’s in red, is this normal?