An Apology that took to long


First off, I want to publicly apologize to @lutechi and @TimothyLuke for my terrible words when I stopped playing WoW nearly 2 years ago. At the time I was doing too much (many of you told me) I was Streaming, Writing-Rewriting Macros for every class and spec, and on top of it all my wife of 35 years was having medical issues. I was trying my best to balance it all and make everyone happy. I ended up as many of you know making a really crappy post and removing everything from WoWLazyMacros. I did this so I would not be pulled back into the game so I could focus on my life and family.
With that being said a lot has happened between then and now. My wife is better, we sold our home and move half way across the country. We are settled in now and I felt it was a good time to come back as a total casual. I will be playing and making macros for ONLY the classes I am playing and splitting my WoW play time with Diablo 4.
Again, I am sorry to everyone especially Lutechi and Timothy, who are some of the nicest people I’ve ever meet in game or on Discord. To my users expect a Beast Mastery Macro to be put up in the next few days because I am really loving this new expansion.



Glad to have you back, sir!

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Can’t wait to check out your macro!

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the legend returns :slightly_smiling_face:
Welcome back my man, glad to hear things in your life getting better.

You were very much missed.

first time posting here just to say welcome back, you have helped so many of us to enjoy playing this game, cant wait to see yor macros :smile:

Don’t know if you’ve been outta touch with the very current WoW meta but for Hunters here’s the ranking:

  1. MM (MM is the current RNG king, atm.)(when SV gets their 4-pc they’ll be top DPS)
  2. SV (see above)
  3. BM (dogshit even with the minor Buffs they just got.)
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I am glad to know that all is well in the family, thanks for your return, good game and excellent macros

Welcome back <3
Real Life always trumps a game so you did correctly :slight_smile:
We all have tried to balance it all well but at times the game makes the life around us go badly.
I’ve skipped out mid raid for RL reasons and my guild are totally understandable :slight_smile:

Cant wait to check out your BM macro :slight_smile: I love the movability of BM hunters as they only need to stand still for Wailing shot :stuck_out_tongue: