Any prot macros that are used currently

So lots of macros are around any of them current tired if being a lowly dps player… I want that aggro spotlight of of you macro makers got a personal one that you use if so please send it to me…you guys do an awesome job day in day out …thank you for everything yall do

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I guess I don’t understand why you are bumping a thread where the subject title is misleading…

Hows that I edited the title so it wouldn’t be misleading

Not meant as sarcasm btw

did you test any of those out to see if they worked ? or clicked to read what people are saying about them ?

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Roars works best so far

If I understant this post properly, BladePro (who made an amazing Vengeance DH macro) is coming to share his awesomeness with the Warrior comunity :wink:

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i have been working on it nonstop since i made that post you linked.
currently have a good priority macro that i have come up with… its basic and scalable with haste.
Now just need to run 10s over and over again and see how those turn out .

also when i say scalable with haste i mean it wont matter how much haste u have when using the macro.
so that means that like my dh macros u can have really high base haste and the macro will still function properly spell after spell with no downtime due to the macro waiting on u to generate haste.
Rest assured my I Dont Tank I CLAP Prot Warrior Macro will have the same high performance that my DH macros have xD

Time to get back to work on this haha keep smashing


I will post finished macro on this forum post at the latest on sunday :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet looking forward to the end result