Any working demo macros

are there any working demonology macros out there that dont hard cast demon bolt, but ue the procs, and dont cast hand without a few shards?

Since no one has replied in a while it looks like you might have to make one yourself or take an existing one and modify it to your needs- it doesn’t seem that difficult either way.

im no good at making ones as good a others, cant seem to get one to only cast demonbolt wen its instant, and not cast hand of guldan with more than 1 shard. dont know if its possible

try lutechi works fine

Have you tried out mine? Go Demonology Go - Larkinized - #52 by clip121

will give em both a go ty @Larkinized @mvi do they not cat hand until a couple of shards or do demonbolt if its intant etc?

@seven777x have you tried mine? Elfyau’s Demo Macro

i did and i quite liked it, but it wouldnt cast demonbolt procs and would cast hand of guldan with only 1 hard and i dont know how to fix these things haha

You can test mine if you want to 👹 Vinimagnus Demon Master 9.2 - (3/1/22) - #2 by vince-orlando

Id love the feedback. Trying to figure out demonbolt procs so any testing would be of great help

@seven777x with mine when you see a Demonbolt ready to fire hold shift until it firs then release it again :slight_smile:

I have updated mine so it doesnt hardcast Demonbolt, but instead casts on a modifier like Elfyau suggested. Also comes with Weakauras for demonbolt instant casts and updated talents that you should use with the build. Runs a lot more smooth for me now!