AOE and single target? Affli & Destruction Lock

For starting, i would like this for Affli and Destro Lock.

If you have answers please tell for wich specc =)!!

Hi im pretty new on the macro thing, at the moment im not using any kind of macro.

Alltho i would love if someone got any ideas of a spamming macro, for single target and AOE. Please note that i want to hit Haunt manually, Else i would love all help i can get.

ALso if possible, is it able to make a macrot that use darksoul and trinkets on cd whitin the rotation?


Cheers all of you

Kind Reguards

For Aff – I would use Soulburn and then Seed of Corruption and that is all.

For Destro you have to use Havoc, Fire and Brimstone and Incinerate. I have a macro but it’s not ready yet. It’s very buggy.

could type it down in a macro thats spammable ? please

For Destro it’s spammable if you have the burning embers.

ah ok, thx for the anwers =)

Havoc is a bit tricky to set up if you want to cast on one mob and target another all in one macro.

For big groups I use from memory (servers are down)

/castsequence [reset=target]Fire and Brimstone,Immolate


Immolate is the better choice for F&B as it spreads a dot to all mobs in the area. Then with Rain of Fire you have enough embers to keep Immolate up on all mobs at all times for aoe.