Arcane/Chimaera if rapid is on cooldown, steady if no focus

Hi All

There is a level of unpredicatability with the Surging Shots legendary that I don’t like and am not able to maximise as much as I would like, just due to having RF pop off cooldown straight after a long cast due to complete rng.

Ideally I would like to have a macro where I can use rapid fire but if it is still on cooldown, it will use arcane instead, and this could be further improved by casting steady shot if there isn’t enough focus.

This way if surging shots procs when the aimed shot hits (15% of the time) I can use rapid straight away, or use arcane if it doesn’t proc, or default to steady if no focus.

I will have other dedicated rapid, arcane and steady buttons depending on my amount of focus, steady focus usage etc, this macro would just be compensating the rng element that you just can’t properly account for.

I tried playing around with a castsequence and then including a reset time but it just doesn’t seem to work as intended.

Hoping someone here could help and then it can help others?