Arms PvP Macro 8.2

So here i created a PvP Arms Warrior Macro. I´m new to these kind of things so i would appreciate if you guys test it out and post some feedback :smiley: if its still in german than im going to make a new macro in english ^^ have fun. i run this macro on 50ms and it was nice (I tested it on a PvP Dummy). But i will try it out on BG´s / RBG´s ect… Oh and i didn´t add Avatar ect into this macro but feel free to add it if you want to.

Diese Sequenz wurde aus GSE 2.4.20 exportiert.

Hi, which talents do u use for this macro?

Sorry for the late response… :smiley: i got alot of work to do.
I´m using 2, 3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1

Haven’t tried this yet, but I would move Blood Fury and Victory Rush to the Key Release, at the bottom. Where they are now, Blood Fury will only go off once (which if intended, leave it there), but VR will never go off being in the Post Macro. Sometimes I mix up Key Press and Key Release, but Release will always cast; Post Macro was the older version of Release in previous iterations of GSE.