Arms smash UPDATE for 8.3

UPDATE: 16/01/20 Tested on Raider’s training dummer, still performing the same for me on the Raider’s training dummy. Haven’t had a chance to test in mythic or raids yet. Work getting in the way of my play time, lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s my Arms macro. Raidbots has the sim with no buffs @ 21.3k. I sit ~ 20k with this. I have Bladestorm on a modifer as I like to pvp a bit and want to have this to get out of snares/slows.
I run this @20ms on synapse
ilvl 416
Haste: 19%
Crit: 18%
Vers: 10%
Mastery: 176%

Talents 2333221

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.25.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Avatar

KeyPress: Bladestorm

Main Sequence: Overpower, Slam, Victory Rush, Rend, Colossus Smash, Execute, Mortal Strike

KeyRelease: Sharpen Blade

Post Macro: Heart Essence

Screen Shots of time on dummy and raidbots

Tried this and got 22.8k dps. I have 424 ilevel. Granted I’m using a regular usb mouse so my clicking can only go so fast.

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I’ll give this a try when i get home from work. 445 ilvl looks promising.

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how did it go? what sort of numbers?

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