ARMS Warrior - Looking for assistance.

I have tested many of the Arm Warrior builds and appreciate all the time effort the folks here spend in getting them working.

What I am looking for is someone who would like to work with me in developing an up to date Arms Warrior PVE\PVP Macro.

I just got back into wow and been running around lately getting re-familiarized with the game I have always played a Prot Warrior…can play the spec with my eyes closed…and love it! and would like a nice high performance Arms Macro just to off spec… but perform well.

If anyone is interested, please let me know… I’m new to GSE but I like all the functionality and it just let you enjoy more of the game. (My own opinion of course.)

If interested…please let me know…maybe we can get a team of warriors to provide input.

Thank you!

This is intresting, im up for it. and ofc we can use this as a means to get it right:

its the arms warrior compendium it is updated for 7.2

but our basic singel target rotation is:
Colossus Smash when Shattered Defenses isn’t up
Mortal Strike on cooldown
Fill with Slam when above 32 rage
Use Focused Rage to manage rage and fish for Tactician. This means you can use it while Colossus Smash debuff is on the target and you have ~50 rage, and to dump rage before Battle Cry comes up.

but to top that we have an opener rotation, and a Battle Cry rotation too.
so from my understanding. we use the opener only once every fight.
we use or basic rotation all the time ecept when Battle Cry is of cd then we use our Battle Cry rotation so from the looks of it we need 3 macros.
can we use modefiers yes we can we could have our opener on shift. our Battle Cry on alt. and use our standard one without modifiers.

i will list the opener below and the battle cry under that

Charge / Focused Rage
Colossus Smash / Focused Rage
Battle Cry / Avatar / Mortal Strike / Focused Rage
Colossus Smash (Slam if Tactician didn’t proc) / Focused Rage
Colossus Smash if no Shattered Defenses (Slam if you can’t Colossus Smash or you have Shattered Defenses) / Focused Rage
Mortal Strike

Battle cry rotation:
Colossus Smash if no debuff / Use Focused Rage
Mortal Strike with x3 Focused Rage
Colossus Smash if no Shattered Defenses
Mortal Strike

this is all of our rotations. now we have someting to work with note that the abilities are listed in priorety.