Artaemis' Vengeance 10.2 [M+] **UPDATED [28/11/2023]

if a macro command in GSE doesn’t launch when using a modifier (alt, shift, ctrl), it’s likely caused by a conflict. if you say that turning off ELVUI makes the macro work, check this setting in ELVUI:

  • ActionBars → General → enable “Lock ActionBars” (required to display the setting below)
  • ActionBars → General → Pick Up Action Key = None

this is a common issue, when there is a modifier assigned to that setting, GSE will not be able to use the modifier.

when you need to move spells in the action bars, set a modifier in that ELVUI setting and when done, set it back to None so that GSE can use it.

there could be other causes but i think this is the most likely.

Didn’t help Ctrl just wount press

i suggest using /cast [nochanneling] Fel Devastation as it cuts off fel devastation. unless thats your goal but with Darkglare talent, I thought we wanted to finish cast.

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Thanks Larry, I’ll add it in the next iteration :smiley:

Larry, I came to post the same thing!
where would the /cast [nochanneling] need to be added into the macro to make it stop clipping, on the Fel Devastation line or on all of the other abilities?


At every cast or castsequence block ( not only fel devastation )

/cast [nochanneling] Fel Devastation

for example


Thank you - works perfectly now.

One more change I would like to make (open up to the floor)…

At present, I have changed the keypress modifier for mod:ctrl to cast Fel Devastation, so when I press Ctrl it does nothing aside from try to cast Fel Devastation - even if it is on CD or I don’t have enough Fury for it.

I have tried adding an action block in the main macro that says /cast [mod:ctrl] Fel Devastation, thinking that it would just add Fel Devastation to the rotation if Ctrl was held, but that doesn’t seem to work.

Any suggestions appreciated!

Even if does not commute to check if its cooldown or not, its how blizzard api works in combat, never gonna change.

Try to positioning the block in your macro, or /cast [nomod,nochanneling] every other block but fel devastation ( including abilities that are in your variables ).


yes thanks. forgot to mention every block needs this

  1. quick question, anyone know how to fix my camera turning issue. when running any GSE macro for my DH tanking spec, I hold down my right mouse button and strafe with D or A (right or left) when I run around mobs to gather them up, my camera turns in those directions instead while the macro is running. doesn’t happen on any other tank character. I have to stop the macro and maneuver, then resume the macro. This doesn’t happen in on the same character while in dps spec.

Fixed it: changed all @player to @cursor

i personally have not had any issues with the camera at all

usually the camera issue happens when you have a retical based ability or trinket that the macro is trying to click. so if you have something like Elysian Decree or Sigil of flame thats not on a @cursor or @player it will click it and try to place it down so it locks your camera whenever that retical ability is being clicked by the macro.

i had this issue with a macro, I updated my cvars to clear the camera style.

I use 0 - replace setting with number

/console cameraSmoothStyle setting

Never adjust camera.
Adjust camera only horizontal when moving.
Always adjust camera.
Adjust camera only when moving.

better then reseting cvars which some tell you to do.

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Good Job on Macros. Cant find the macro for the Vengence DH?