At my wits end..... super pissed off

So yeah AGAIN it happened… I will give you all a little back story (summed up though) I have had cancer twice haven’t worked in 6 years so no money, money is beyond tight. My mother passed away so used some of the money to buy a new computer but the whole thing shorted so had to get another again no money got a new one (just) downgraded though it was and now that one is going bung. I have lost EVERYTHING related to wow for the 6th time I am supper pissed off frustrated, angry and depressed. I have no money and no way to get a new computer or to change things… Soooo ready to give up but I like what I do… any suggestions? I can get my current computer running but over having to get everything set up over and over again, I really need a stable reliable computer. WTF do I do I am about ready to give up playing games all together.

P.S Sorry I am probably just venting but am entirely over it and just about ready to give up :frowning:

Vent away we all need to time to time. If there is anything I can do just shoot me a message. I’m computer illiterate but know people build some crazy machines by themselves at low cost. Again I know nothing about technology.

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Thanks!! I am sorry just super pissed off that I have to start from scratch AGAIN it’s not easy to build the macros (and fix/adjust the addons) from scratch and it’s super frustrating to have to do it so many times from the start…I am just a little over it usually I can get the back ups and start from semi scratch but this time it error-ed again and the error got saved as a backup so I have to literally start from scratch. It is just so much time wasted. Thank you for your support. I was/am super pissed I was so close to throwing it out the window lol but it’s the only thing I have to play wow on soooo it’s sitting there laughing at me lol

I have had those days, when I was younger I literally threw a puter out the window lmao. Since I’ve been playing with these macros I have bought a separate flash drive and I back all gaming stuff to that

I was but the flash/ssd hard drive also died (just before this happened)

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Heck I have such a headache trying to figure out priest and lock macros I’m thinking I might just go try and lvl up my horde hunter that’s been sitting in my account for months.

I was in the middle of a new lock build when the computer crashed last night lol

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:disappointed_relieved: would have been real interested in that

Worse was I was in a dungeon putting it through it’s paces when my pc died right before the first boss in SoB +10 the team had to 4 man the rest of it :frowning:

Lol I know how you feel sorta minus puter crapping out, I was In mythic ep thursday on disc priest and power went out for 3 hours because of storm. Let’s just say peeps weren’t happy lmao.

Now imma hunting for bm hunter macro to lvl one from 111 to 120 and recomendations?

Actualy I do have one :slight_smile: This is one I higly recommend Asbobunny 8.2.5 BM Macro


Thanks elfy mate your a top man :+1:

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Did you get your PC sorted?
Unusual to have so many issues. Was it a self build?

The only time I had problems was due to a dodgy PSU that bench tested OK but was the only component I kept using. Seems that under load it was fluctuating massively.

You using PCcasegear for your parts?

Anyway - hope all is doing well and you are keeping positive.

Kudos for all the great work.

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Thanks got it sorted now and doing daily backups no this time it wasn’t a self build as I lacked the funds. It is only a small machine to get me onto wow. But it runs that’s the main thing hopefully I can make the $$ to get a better more reliable PC