Auto Hot Key Tutorial

i am new here…my hotkeys is 2…and then where to set Xbutton1 to activate? thanks

I have read everything on here and can’t seem to find out exactly how to stop this macro. Once I fire it off, it doesn’t stop no matter what I do. Is there a way to assign a single button to stop or pause this macro?

I added this line of code to the very top, to change the system tray icon.

; ---- SET ICON ---- 
Menu, Tray, Icon, windwalker.ico

and downloaded the icon (and renamed it) from (right click save) and converted it using this website

NOW, whenever I use this beautiful script you shared, I have a baby windwalker icon in my system tray near the clock.


p.s. - the icon has to be relative to the script, so in my example, i have a folder on my desktop called “shadowlands” and inside that folder i have the .ico and .ahk

Just using the exact copy / paste our buddy shared, it toggles off when pressing #1 or #2 key. The script toggles on when you press #1 AND NOT #2 though. It works great for me.

how to use xbutton to active 1 or 2 key?

I had a very simple button spam macro that just stopped working today

If State=100
SetTimer SendKey, %State%

Send 1

anyone have any clue why?

For some reason the macros work fine when activated in every app (e.g. just testing it in notepad) but not in WoW.

For example, using this test script, pressing ctrl+j writes “My First Script” in notepad, etc… but it doesn’t do it in the chat box in wow.

Send, My First Script

I’m using this test script because I couldnt get any of the looping scripts in the thread above to run in wow, so thought I’d try to debug AHK with a test script.

Any help is deeply appreciated!

UPDATE: Fixed it. Need to run the script as admin for them to work with wow as the focus app. Leaving this post as help in case anyone else comes across this issue!

UPDATE 2: huh, maybe not… sent keys work fine in wow’s chat box, so the script is definitely running and sending the keypress, but outside of the chat box the sent keypress doesn’t activate the number on the hotbar. So, I still need help please! <3

This is the script i use for mouse button 4 and 5.

keywait XButton1
Onetoggle := !OneToggle
While (OneToggle)
{ Send, 2
sleep, 100
Suspend, Permit
Suspend, Toggle

keywait XButton2
Onetoggle := !OneToggle
While (OneToggle)
{ Send, 3
sleep, 100

Hey guys! Can I use AHK for two windows to press 1 buttons? There are 2 windows with characters, 2 different scripts on AHK, can I simultaneously start 2 different scripts to click on 2 windows without blocking an account or is it prohibited? If this is against the rules, then I can run a script to one character, and to play yourself independently (the first window with the character will be inactive because on the second monitor)

This got me Banned for 189 days

If you really want to use AutoHotkey you should at least look at the files located here to learn about alt keys and getting them to work. The example files are good to go for toggle and hold key macros. Life savers if you need something to toggle on or off a macro.

whats the difference between synapse and auto hot key and what is it for when playing wow and how does it work? IM new to this and wanna know.

Both are programs that help you creating combinations or macro keystrokes from keyboard and / or mouse

Hold or toggle to press , and so on.


PS: that famous msec numbers you will find around here, that pertain to the interval or delays from a keystroke ( keyup / keydown )

So for gse should it be set to 250ms?or 40 to 60 ms?